Willard family summer fun

Since it was Football Draft weekend for all the boys, Nicole (my sister-in-law) and her girls decided to come out for a few days and play too. It's so fun to see them, since they live in Utah and we don't get as much Willard fun-time with them as we would like. Jackie and Jillian and are getting so much older! They're really adorable girls and have such different personalities. It's cute to see.

They spent the first day of their trip at the Long Beach Aquarium. Lucy and I were all set to join them but then Lucy woke up with a 102 fever. So we just layed low at our house all morning and joined up with them in the afternoon at Casey's parent's house. Lucy was feeling much better by that point. And all 3 girls had fun playing the piano, playing with the kitchen set, and riding the bike outside (if they could ever learn to share it, that is)
Cute pic of Jillian. Love that curly hair!
Grandma Linda reading Lucy her favorite Seasame Street book.
The next day we drove out again to hang out with the girls. Linda is in heaven having a house full of girls. She raised four sons and now that the grandchildren are coming along...she has three grandaughters! I guess our little boy-to-be will be a little out-numbered with his cousins. Hopefully there will be more boys in the future....

There's a park by Linda's house with a great Splash Pad, so we took the girls there for a couple hours in the afternoon. They looked adorable in their swimsuits, getting ready to go splash around.
And here's the Splash Pad. Doesn't it look fun?! I was secretly glad when I got splashed a few times. It was so hot outside.
Of course, Lucy found a group of boys to play with. She saw the big yellow gun and thought, huh...I want to play with that. But she was too short.
Here she is having fun:

We finished off the fun by resting in the shade and eating snacks....goldfish and Princess fruit snacks! It was great fun and we wish we lived closer to each other. Hooray for Summer Vacations! (and the free flights Nicole and Jeff get). We hope to see you all again soon.


Suman Family said...

That splash pad looks way fun. Well, for those that walk. I love the picture of the three girls in their bathing suits. So fun. Also, if you're ever wanting to go to the LB Aquarium with someone, I'd be into going too!

The Willards said...

Love, love, love all the cute pictures! We had so much fun with you guys! Thanks for coming down for two days. Jacqueline keeps talking about her cousin Lucy to Jillian & everything we did, and Jilly just grunts, like she remembers what happened. Kinda cute though!

Brittany said...

So that's called a splash pad? We have one near our house that I call a "wet park." I used to call it a "water park" until I realized that that's something different altogether. How fun for all those girl cousins to be able to play together!

megan said...

I've always called it a splash park...but whatever it is, it looks like way too much fun!!! Why don't they have any of those around here? I would have loved that these past few weeks when it has been well over 100!