Our little Golden Fire Pig

At work today I ran into one of our IT guys and we started chatting. I found out his wife is a week behind me in her pregnancy. And then he shared with me that this is the Year of the Pig and that it's not just any Pig Year, but a Golden year. Um, does this have anything to do with Eddie Murphy and The Golden Child? I-I-I-I-I....waaaant...the knife...? Palease....

He didn't find humor in that.

First off, this co-worker is an anomaly (to me at least). He's a 35-year-old white wigger (redundant) who wears NY Yankees jerseys and lives in Arcadia. He's one of our top IT guys, knows tons of techy info, and has opinionated thoughts on politics and conspiracy theories (which he shares while sitting at your desk fixing your computer). One day out of the blue he says that he's going to China for 3 months to have an official Chinese ceremony with his wife of one year and bring her back to the states. Um, you're married?? To a cute young Chinese girl? Oh, and he drives a Chevy Malibu. I find his persona intriguing. He's a wild card.

So it just made me laugh today when he says, "hey....just so you know, this is the Year of the Pig. (I'm having a Pig?!) The lunar calendar has 12 cycles and the Year of the Pig brings the most luck to those born within it. AND....the Year of the Pig has it's own 5 cycles, every 60 years. This is a golden year for the pig, which brings extra luck to your child. Your child is a FIRE PIG. (woohoo, I guess). In China all the women are trying to get pregnant and give birth to their child before February 2008 so the baby will be born a Pig....a Fire Pig."

Wow. I don't believe in voodoo, or lunar signs for that matter. But I like the image of a little Fire Pig growing inside of me.

I will now refer to little junior as....The Golden Child.


Tim & Jean said...

Yahoo for a little Golden Fire Pig!!! That's very exciting. Haha, Golden Child... I haven't seen that movie in ages, but it was one of those that my parents happened to own, so I watched it a bunch when I was younger... heh.

The Willards said...

This is hilarious!! Now I too envison this little Golden Fire Pig in your belly...I hope he has all the luck that your IT guy says.

megan said...

ok, I totally didn't know about any of that. Too bad I'm too late for the year of the fire pig! Looks like I'll have to envy you from now on! :-) j/k

Southwick Family said...

Dana, as a family living in Asia, we can attest that having a Golden Pig child is a very big deal. In Korea and China, the governments are already focused on how to deal with the influx of children that will enter the school and day care systems. So, our best congratulations to you. No doubt he will be an amazing kid!