I promise I'm 30, not 13

But I love these books! And although they're considered "Young Adult" fiction....they are very worthy of adult reading. In fact, Bella and Edward are more adult-like than high school teens.
But let me back up for a moment....
While at girl's camp this summer, someone told me about these "Twilight" books that everyone was reading. Well, I thought, they must be pretty good. I asked what the premise was. "It's a high school love story about a human and a vampire," she replied.
Yea, I was NOT going to read that. She kept talking about the books....and I tuned out.
I had just finished reading A Thousand Splendid Suns (amazing novel) about 2 Afghani women and their oppression from the Taliban in the early 90s. Vampires weren't really up my alley.

I was at work a few weeks later and as I like to do, I scanned the Uni library to see if we'd purchased any new books. Hey, maybe they had that Twilight book? It was likely we had covered it (for potential movie rights) and sure enough, there was a copy of the book. Somehow I had managed to dodge Buffy and Angel on TV, but okay, okay....I'd just see what all the buzz was about with this book.
And seriously, I got sucked in (um...pun intended?)

These books are so fun! They read fast. There's great romance, fun danger, love triangles, adolescent (and adult) drama...and...well....a totally hot vampire! I heart Edward.

The author paints a great and somewhat "classy" description of the vampire family. This is no Lost Boys with fangs and coffins. I read the first one in about a week and then I was off to Borders for the 2nd book on a Saturday afternoon. I was done with it by Monday. I told Casey I was going to take a break before reading the 3rd one (though he was happy to see me getting into vampire lore). But when I was at Costco, there was the 3rd book, for only $10. I had to buy it and I had to start reading it right away.
I finished yesterday and although I'm glad to have my life back, I already miss Bella and Edward. Again, I'm 30 not 13. But if you've read them, I'm sure you agree!

If you've heard about these books and like me, rolled your eyes....don't worry, you can still suck up your pride and read them. And you won't have to tell anyone that you did. Andyou'll really enjoy it.

Of course, I've been checking out the author's website to find out additional info. I had to know if the film rights were purchased and who, oh who could play hottie Edward? Yes, the rights were purchased and Twilight the movie is in pre-production! (but won't come out till 2010. Here's the imdb page)
Stephanie Meyer (the author) posted pictures of who she thinks should play most of the books' characters and I couldn't agree more! I don't actually know who all the actors are, but their headshots are totally what I pictured in my mind!
Here's her Edward. The first two pics are the same guy. I like him better than the last guy although I think his hair should be a little longer and darker:
Here's Bella, two different versions. The first two pics are the girl from the Lemony Snicket movie:
Jacob. Perfect:
Carlisle. Looks a little young, but then again....he comes across that way in the book. Um, hot:
And Alice! Rachel Leigh Cook. Once I saw this picture, I was like...ah, yes. That would be Alice:
She has even more pictures listed on her website that you should check out here.

Okay, I'll shut up about vampires. I just thought that since many people are reading and posting about Twilight, it was time to concur my enthusiasm. You should read them too!
Now I need to read something serious. Maybe it's time for Rough Stone Rolling....
(If you need to borrow the Twilight series, let me know)


Nicole Willard said...

I heart Edward too!!! I miss them too & don't know if I can wait until Fall 2008, though I have no choice. They are great books! My fried said she wished she was a vampire, or new one...I have to concur, only if Edward & his family were around of course. I love who they picked for the movie too.

Southwick Family said...

Dana--I had the same experience. But I lost book #2 somewhere during our trip back to Asia, so I'm feeling a bit anxious to get back to these great books. I also read the author's website and her experience about becoming an author...I could see you doing the same thing!

the bates motel said...

sooo love the post. i'm almost done w/ new moon and loving it. we went out to lunch w/ debbie the other day and she's a major t. junkie and has read the 3 books twice and said that she (stephanie) is also writing twilight again, but from edward's poing of view (maybe you knew that), but hello i can't freakin wait! i was thinking last night am i a harry potter nerd now? oh well. love it!

the bates motel said...

ohhh p.s. i so LOVE who she chose for carlisle! hottie!

dana said...

Yes, we're totally Harry Potter nerds now. But at least these books are slightly more sophisticated...right?
And yes, I heard about Twilight from Edward's perspective. Would be fun! On her website she says she has to work on here and there, in between working on the next novel. Can't wait for either!

lettieb said...

I think you already know I read and really liked these books.

I don't think any of her choices for who would play the characters matched the pictures in my head. The first guy is a pretty good Edward though. For some reason I always pictured Alice blonde (you know how sometimes you just ignore the author's description? I have no idea what color her hair should be)

dana said...

I could see Alice as a blonde too. I think I pictured her as that for a while, but then I remember Rosalie being blonde, so I started to think of Alice differently. Oh, I'm not sure. But yes, sometimes the picture we create is the best one.

Sara said...

I SOO need to read these books! Every where I turn, someone is talking about them! The problem is, every time I pick up a good book it literally consumes my life until I finish it!

lettieb said...

Sara - these books are a super fast read, so they wont take over your life for too long :)

Darci said...

No way! My sisters love these books and one of them did the same thing on her blog. Crack me up. One of my sisters knows the author ans she is super great!

Sara said...

so I bought Twilight yesterday (thanks for the suggestion about Costco!) and am half way done today- Loving it! and yes, it is consuming my days! Poor Mark and Makenna!

dana said...

Sara, I'm so happy you succumbed! Enjoy.