Driving and Jumping

Tonight was our night to watch Chloe while our friends Darin and Sarah went out for Date Night. Lucy and Chloe had too much fun playing outside and inside the house together. They are only 2 months apart in age and play really well together. Especially when Chloe acts as chauffeur to Lucy (we promise that Chloe had a turn riding in the car too....but Lucy just wasn't as good at pushing her in it).
It was really adorable, Chloe could push Lucy all by herself! Here's a little video:

After they drove the car, they spent some time jumping and dancing around.
I greatly apologize for my annoying repetitive "jumpy jump jump" song, but they enjoyed it.
Yo Gaba Gaba has infested our home!


Heather said...

I just discovered Yo Gabba Gabba last night -- my BIL met the guys that made it. "There's a party in your tummy! Oh Yeah, Oh YEAH!!!"

the bates motel said...

that's so cute that lucy has a good little buddy! they play so cute together. i hope carter can find another little buddy soon!

The Willards said...

I love the "jumpy, jump, jump" song.

I told Jeff I am glad Yo Gaba Gaba has not entered our home yet and he said, after looking at the picture" I wanna punch one of them in the face right now". I think he will steer clear of the Nickalodean channel. =)

dietcokegrrl said...

Yeah, I gotta agree with Jeff in the comment above...Yo Gaba Gaba has seriously got to go. When I saw the previews for it on Noggin, I thought it was a joke. Sadly, no. It's an actual show...I don't know what is worse, the people dressed up in some type of costume (what are they? Monsters? Robots? Aliens?) or the DJ guy who is dressed in some '70s garb. The songs annoyingly stick in your head and even after watching just ONE commercial for it--my son goes around singing "get the sillies out, get this sillies out..." Sigh. Give me the Backyardigans any day.

Brittany said...

Those Yo Gabba Gabba songs sure are catchy! One time in the grocery store Alexander sang the entire "Party in my Tummy" song. It was hilarious. My brother was an animation intern for this show and worked on the first season. Now he continues to do freelance artwork for it. His ex-girlfriend is the voice of the blue character, and the actor inside the green one. The show isn't exactly my style, but it's a little more understandable if you know it's strongly tied to the Aquabats. Basically it's just the band members grown up and trying to create a "cool" TV show for their kids to watch. You should have seen the look on my Grandpa's face when we first showed him the pilot episode! He looked disgusted! Oh yes, the show is produced by a former Pasadena Ward member.