Going Green

For all the foods I enjoy and don't mind exploring there are 4 things I really don't like:
Avacados, Mushrooms, Garlic, and Onions.
It's strange. I should like them. I don't.
Thus, Lucy must take after her dad. He's nice enough to share his guacamole with her and Lucy loves it. A typical Saturday (if we're not at In-N-Out): lunch at Chipotle.


The Facks of Life said...

They always like things we don't like. Matt and I can't stand mustard so we never buy it. The first time Max had it he was in heaven. Now we have to get it for him. Who knew? That picture of you and Lucy is a total lookalike. She takes after you in some ways :)

megan said...

ok, I don't like mushrooms or onions either! But I love me some goooood guacamole (without the onions in them) Justin is allergic to avacados and so he can't have the guacamole (yay, more for me). Sadly, caden likes it though and I always end up sharing with him :-)

The Miller Family: said...

Chipotle guac is seriously the bomb!

Camille said...

Mmmmm......I wish I was eating that right now.

Camille said...

Also, I will never get over that fact that you don't like avocados. Of all the things you venture out and eat, it's so weird that you aren't an avocado lover! And really, there's nothing better than homemade guac.

Lettie said...

Mushrooms=yuck. The rest of those=Mmmm.
We also love Chipotle, but I don't think we've ever had the guac, especially not just like that with chips. I bet our boys would love it! Just another reason I love visiting your blog!