18 months old

Yesterday our little Owen turned 1 1/2 years old. The baby is gone!
He's such a little boy now and I love it. Owen is a real sweetheart. He really loves to cuddle, socialize, and wants to be where the action is. We still have a love/annoy relationship some days, as he equally likes to whine....but I keep hoping that once he can talk, the whining will lessen (and probably just turn into whiny words. But let's think on the bright side!)
He has a good sense of humor. Sometimes when holding him, I stand very still and stare at his face, trying to get a reaction out of him. He totally gets it and slowly (with a straight face) turns his face very close to mine, stares into my eyes, and then he slowly starts to smile. We both start laughing.
He adores being outside. He plays in our toy car, picks up rocks, throws and kicks the ball, and just explores.
He has a cute shaped head. A funny thing to note but Casey loves to rub his little round head.
He loves being around Lucy. He wants to be where she is and do what she's doing. I often play police, breaking up fights over toys, etc. But there are many times they are so cute together and I even find them sharing. Those moments really make me smile.
It's not always easy to get a picture of them together but these expressions are so them:
Of course....wanting to do what Lucy is doing usually results in this (as does, shoving his mouth with chicken nuggets):
This little guy keeps me laughing.

He gets frustrated easily when he can't figure something out. This was his first time having a tootsie pop and he was frustrated that he couldn't bite through it, no matter how hard he tried. He finally gave in and was happy to slobber all over it. But I'm glad he has a determined heart.
Overall, he is a cute, cute boy! We love him. We love his personality. We love his energy. We love that he sleeps through the night (hooray for sleeping in the kitchen). We love that he loves to eat! And we love this little face. Often it looks just like this....with some scrapes, a slightly runny nose, and some leftover granola bar bits:
Welcome to the boy years Owen!


Suman Family said...

we love owen too! he's so cute! love all the pics. he looks so grown up with his little collar coming out of his shirt. i just posted ava's 2.5 post. i love that they share a b'day.

dietcokegrrl said...

18 months already? Where did the time go? He looks like such a big boy in those pictures! So adorable!

And yay for being old enough for nursery!! Whoohoo!!

Nicole said...

We love Owen too! He is such a handsome little man. He is growing up so fast!!

megan said...

way to look at the bright side! you are going to love looking back and reading this! he's super handsome! and, did he go to nursery last week? how did it go? and weren't you just pregnant? where did the time go?

Lauren said...

Oh, he's so cute! I love little blondies. And, as the mother of 2 kids with oddly shaped heads, I can appreciate a perfect head shape. It's beautiful.

Saunja said...

What a cute, handsome, squishy, kissable, funny, little boy! Love that Owen.

Diane said...

Precious. Either you are amazing at photography or your kids are really cute. It's probably both.