Summer Giveaway and some thoughts

Some you have seen this on MADE already. But in case you missed, I'm posting it here too. There's a huge summer giveaway on my sewing blog, MADE (that blue-ish button/box on the top right of my blog. You can always click on that and go right to it). The giveaway ends Wed night, so check it out!
This was the largest photo-shoot I've put together and it was really quite fun. Five little girls, acting giddy together and drinking sodas? It was way too cute. Such varying personalities. Such cute little faces.
The sewing blog has been such a fun adventure. When I started it almost a year ago, I really just wanted to share my ideas and create an online portfolio of things I've made. It began mostly with comments from friends and family. And I'm completely amazed at how the readership has grown. I've met talented, interesting, fellow mom sewers and crafters from all over the world, who leave comments on MADE and who also share their lovely blogs with the rest of us. It's the updated pen-pal system! I hate to sound late-90s, but seriously, the internet is AMAZING.

I've been flattered to be interviewed on a few fabulous blogs here and here, one being my favorite Wardrobe Refashion site. And I was able to Guest Blog on a great sew-along site called Presser Foot with the Shirt Dress project. A big thank you to such great ladies!

I'm not sure where the blog will go long-term. It's still mostly an outlet for sharing ideas. But I hope it takes me to bigger places one day. Life is always interesting that way. I can definitely say though that this (designing, sewing, photographing, and blogging) is something I truly love.....much more than any full-time job I had during my career.

If you have a talent, craft, hobby you love, I highly recommend starting a blog for it. Your eyes will be opened to how many hobby-peers you have out there. There's so much to share with everyone! Many thanks to those of you who've kept me motivated on MADE with your lovely comments. Your sweet words really do mean a lot to me.


Kate said...

if we comment here...does that count as two?????

Brittany said...

Yeah, seriously. You have so many readers on MADE. It's awesome! Heh heh, but I feel extra special because we used to live on the same street!

dietcokegrrl said...

So glad you started MADE and get to do something you totally love.

And dude--the internet totally IS amazing. Think how different the high school and college years would have been. Kids these days....they have no idea how good they have it. :)

Allison Hansen said...

I am totally inspired by your MADE blog, I check it often! In fact, I think I'll head over right now and throw my hat in the ring for one of those awesomely adoreable skirts. Thanks for sharing your love of creation with the rest of us!

Diane said...

This photo shoot is adorable! I am so impressed with getting all those little girls to pose. And the skirts are so cute too!

Anne said...

Ok Dana, you never cease to amaze me with your incredible talents! The photo shoot is darling- and I loved Lucy's pants pics in the other post. And the Ritz crackers and frosting. Never tried that one, but I shall! Wow. I'm super impressed and can't wait for more!