Random Happenings

We are alive! Just busy. And well, the blog has taken the back seat for a week. Much has been going on and much deserves its own blog post. But for now, here's the randomness...

For about 2 years now I've formulated a blog post in my mind called "does a skunk live in my backyard?" and I'm posting it now because the answer to that is, Yes. And tonight I saw him. But he's not so much like this:
He's a little more in this vein:
It's true, the city of Pasadena smells like a skunk. And since I have a greater sense of smell than Casey, I feel like I'm constantly complaining about it. It's not even that skunk smell is so horrible. But when you wake up in the middle of night because you can smell it seeping in through your creaky windows....well that's just obnoxious.
Tonight as I pulled in our driveway I saw the reasty creature skamper from our back door and into the foilage by the dumpster. EW.

On happier notes, Lucy announced yesterday (in these exact words), "today I'm going green!"
How thrilling! I soon realized, however......she only meant that her eggs should be served on a green plate and her liquids in a green cup.
I mean, how could this girl believe anything Al Gore says about melting ice caps?

Owen loves to push strollers and play with dolls way more than his sister does.He's usually the one that gets Lucy roped in to pushing them around the yard.
We bought our first watermelon of the season the other week and it was A.MA.ZING. The picture doesn't lie. Guess what we paid for this beauty? $3 at Vons! More please!

Our landlords had our backyard trees trimmed. I hadn't noticed how bushy and tall they'd become over our 3 year stay here.
Let's hope the summer's not too hot since our shade is now, gone.

Owen's personality continues to make me smile and laugh. How I love this little face:

And really, nothing is cuter than the kids gathering their chairs and waiting at the back door for Dad to come home:
They hear him coming!
And that's it for now. So much more to blog about.....Casey's graduation, parties, Laura's baby shower, Lucy's jeans, a yummy recipe. So, more to come.
Have a great day!


dietcokegrrl said...

I always love the random posts. (I know I said I was going to bed, but I checked my google reader before I logged off and saw this).

I bought my first watermelon of the season last week and it was crap. I hate buying fruit because I can never pick out the good ones.

I love that Owen loves the stroller and dolls more than Lucy. And I love the pics of them waiting at the back door.

And sorry about the skunk. We have them around here too--along with opossums and raccoons. I once saw this HUGE raccoon walking along the sidewalk on Marengo real late at night. Totally caught me off guard...but I digress.

Great post!

lyndsey said...

fun random stuff going on. haha -- makes me laugh that lucy decided to go green. maybe she can recycle trash or plant a garden next :)

and GROSS about the skunk! ughhhh.

Saunja said...

Yay, I'm so glad you're back! I've missed reading all about the Willards. That skunk is nasty! Remember the 3-legged opossum that would drag his bum 4th leg across the back patio?

And Lucy and Owen are so sweet sitting at the back door waiting for Casey. Very cute.

yo nance said...

You ought to stage one more picture with the kids and Casey together by the back door, and then frame those three photos for him for Father's Day. I've missed your posts, by the way...look forward to the next ones.

luvinthemommyhood said...

Too cute!!!
Those skunks are sure annoying. I haven't had probs with a skunk before but did with racoons. Either way, they are a pain in the arse :)

megan said...

we had a couple of skunks living by our patio when we lived up on north hill...HATE them, would scream every time I'd see one. blah. and the SMELL?! yeah, gross

Sara said...

um gross to have a skunk. Mark has convinced himself that skunk smells delicious and he always laughs when other people complain. I guess he'd do okay in Pasadena.
Darling kids. It looks like you guys are having a fabulous summer! can't wait to see you in a couple of weeks!

B Brown said...

Pasadena must be skunk HQ cuz I see/smell them all the time as well- yuck. Looking forward to your post about a recipe. I love food blogs :)

La La Land said...

I love that Lucy is now going green. Awesome. And, amen to P-town being skunk-town. I used to smell them ALL of the time, but I don't mind it...I like the smell of skunks!

Nicole said...

Great random post. I LOVE the picture of the kids waiting for daddy to come home, so cute. As for the skunk...oh dear!! I have a much greater sense of smell than Jeff & would be smelling it I am sure. At least you saw it and have proof now, kinda funny!

kristena marie said...

Your babies are so cute. I wish we lived near each other because I think playdates would be a hoot with our kiddos! Emily and Jacob were pushing each other around in the babydoll stroller earlier this evening. They crack me up. :)

Grayson Family said...

You take great pictures.

Jean said...

Great update post! Sorry about the skunk and the loss of shade, but hooray for watermelon and freaking adorable children!!!