Master Casey

A couple weeks, Casey graduated with his Masters Degree in Economics from Cal State LA. He has worked hard over the past two years, keeping his full-time career during the day and then heading to class at night and we truly are proud of him. He'll tell you that he got as much of a degree in Econ as he did in "how to jump through administrative hoops". Let's just say that Cal State LA is the DMV of colleges. And thus I'm even more proud of him for sticking with it, even when he was completely frustrated with his academic counsel. Here's to you Master Casey!
It was an early morning getting out of the house at 7am with both kids. But for the most part, they were really good sports. Having both sets of grandparents there was a huge help....and provided great conversation while we patiently waited for thousands of students to walk up, shake hands, and walk off with an (empty) diploma case.
Owen either sat on Grandpa Willard's lap or climbed on as many folding chairs as he could:
On the drive there, I had told Lucy, "we're going to Dad's graduation at his school! And he'll be wearing a black hat and black dress." So when we got there, all she wanted was to see her dad in his black dress. I kept telling her we had to wait till the graduation was over and she wasn't thrilled about that....
Finally, Casey's big moment arrived. I was able to walk down to the front for a few minutes to snap photos.
Standing with some class mates:
Ready to walk up, hood draped over his arm:
Of course we knew there'd be a picture like this, right? Fah-feddy, fah-fah
One of the professors, hooding the graduates:
A misplaced Renaissance festival-er (seriously, who comes up with these designs?)
And.....it's official! He has the hood. It happened. He did it.Walking away, hopefully feeling a little more accomplished and a little heavier with all that clothing on.
Congratulations! Our little family:
And our bigger family with Casey's parents on the left and my parents on the right:
Parry, Casey, and Linda:
Us getting kicked out of the stadium for being the last ones standing around, taking pictures:
And these were just too cute and funny. Gram and Owen....
After graduation, we navigated 4 different cars onto 3 different LA freeways and headed:
Where we brunched at:
Casey and I have heard about this place for years and it seemed like the perfect outing for a truly LA experience. We can't say the food was all that amazing, but the atmosphere was perfect. Check out where our table was! We could see exactly what was frying up.
the wall menu:
The kids were a little worn out by this point:
But we opened some gifts:
And we had plenty of this to go around (mmm, sourdough french toast):
Thank you parents for heading up and over for the occasion. And Casey, we are so proud of you and always appreciate the great efforts you put in for our family. We love you!


La La Land said...

Steve worked RIGHT NEXT DOOR to the Pantry, so we dined there a few times. Can't say I like anything there but the pancakes. Fun times! Congrats!!!!!

Grayson Family said...

Congrats to Casey. That is a really big deal.

Allison Hansen said...

Casey: We are SO proud of you! What an awesome accomplishment. Very valuable and timely, too. A big sacrifice and a lot of work. Way to go!

Lauren said...

Congrats! What a fun day. And I can't believe you weren't impressed by the Pantry. I love that place! It's a family favorite.

Darci said...

Congrats! That is so great.

You've got me excited for Mike's graduation (two more year, haha!)!

Nicole said...

Congratulations Master Casey! Well done! Looks like a fun day!

Joe and Marci said...

Congratulations! When Joe graduated, one of the speakers said, "I hope my husband likes being married to an MBA graduate more then he liked being married to an MBA student." It's a big day for both of you, congrats!!

Kate said...

way to go case!!!

Jean said...

YEAH CASEY!!!!! Way to go, you smarty pants, you!! Looks like a great commencement and an even greater brunch. Yum!

Nat said...

Yaaaay Casey! Congrats! I've been wanting to try that place since there's always a huge line...shoulda figured it was overrated like most other LA eating establishments.

dietcokegrrl said...

Congrats to MASTER CASEY!! And I love the comment about CSLA being the DMV of colleges. Nicely put. haha

Glad the day went so smoothly and both parents were able to attend. Sorry the pantry wasn't better, but glad I warned you about the "cash only" policy. :)

Becky said...

Congrats to your husband. That's great. Did you have to wait in that line at the Pantry?

lyndsey said...

yay! congrats casey! and fun that you went to the pantry...i've never been there either but b went and liked it.

Anne said...

How wonderful! Congratulations to the whole family- I know what a sacrifice it was for each of you. Great pics too- your family is beautiful! Enjoy the study-free weekends!

Connie said...

Congrats, Casey! That's a huge accomplishment.

Erik Isakson said...

Good job Casey! Very cool. Now that we've moved back here you guys can't up and leave. Also, I love the Pantry. I ate there not too long ago. Old school. Hope to see you guys sometime soon.


Saunja said...

WOW. That is so awesome. What an accomplishment. Good job Casey and good job to you too, Dana. I know it's a sacrifice for the whole family. Way to go.

Teressa Pickett said...

Congrats to Casey for finishing and I couldn't agree more with your comment about CSULA being like the DMV of colleges. Jared has been there since we got married. I feel like he's never going to escape.

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