Easter Weekend

We had a productive and fun weekend. Not only has the weather been beautiful and perfect for Easter Egg hunting, but Casey had Good Friday off of work. So the fun lasted even longer.But let me start at the beginning...
Lucy was ready for a nap when we left the house Friday morning, but we pushed her a good 3 hours. First we went to Travel Town and climbed on all the trains.
Casey and Owen spent time checking in on March Madness games. Yes, that's a portable TV:
Next, In N Out for lunch. Lucy actually ate a grilled cheese and of course, dipped her fingers in ketchup. Yum? Lastly, we stopped at Home Depot and bought our first family BBQ! Both parents gave us money to buy a BBQ for Christmas and we finally got around to purchasing one. Thanks parents! It was not the easiest Home Depot process and took an hour longer than anticipated. But well worth it. Lucy was overly tired by this point and yep, fell asleep in the car. This was her 20 min nap for the day:
I spent the afternoon painting while Casey set-up the BBQ:
Then we put the new equipment to work and grilled shrimp and pork kabobs with sweet jalepeno dressing for dinner:
Yum yum. Good first attempt at grilling.

Saturday we got out of the house early and went to Panera Bread for breakfast. YUMMY bagels and mango smoothies (Thanks Jean!). Lucy sported her new gold Easter shoes:
I made her wear them a day early because she freaks out over new shoes (and not because they hurt her feet, just because she's being silly). It's the funniest/most annoying thing. Whenever I put a new pair of shoes on her, she BAWLS and throws herself on the floor. She did the same thing with her Crocs. Of course, a day later they were her favorite shoes.

After breakfast, we came home and put the kids room back together. I've been painting walls and furniture and sewing bedding for the past week. The room isn't quite finished yet, so more photos to come later! Then Casey left for the LA temple while I stayed home with the kids. Our good friends Ed and Maria from Glendale we're sealed in the temple with their little girl Bridgette. They joined the church a couple years ago and it has been so cool to see their progress. They are a really amazing family. When Casey got home, I headed back to Glendale for the dinner portion of their sealing day so I could chat with everyone. They had cake for Bridgette's 1st birthday:
Then we BBQ'd again for dinner. This time, hamburgers. They turned out great!

Happy Easter Sunday! This picture makes me laugh. Nice double-chin Lucy:
Lucy really loved the Easter Egg hunt. Casey and I hid plastic eggs all over the backyard. She totally got it and even started looking in some hard spots for them.
Once she was done hunting, she started putting them back where she found them. We did this over and over about 10 times. It was so cute to see her having fun.
Here she is really hunting for eggs. I love the chirping birds. But the camera got a little over exposed with the sunlight:

Easter night we went to our friend Kristen's apartment on the west side (my old apartment when I was single) She had about 15 people over for a yummy ham dinner. Casey's favorite was the Red Velvet cupcake dessert. Seriously Kristen, those were GOOD.

So Happy Easter to everyone. We hope you had a nice weekend. We sure did!


the bates motel said...

looks like you guys had a fun weekend! fun that you got a bbq! they are seriously so great! savanna has the same blue/polka dress :)! i can't believe how old she's looking and her hair has grown a lot! super cute!

debra said...

What a fun weekend Dana! Looks like the perfect CA weekend! I love getting to hide the eggs over and over again too... my girls love that!

Nicole Willard said...

What a fun weekend!! I love the cabobs, they look so good!! Lucy's shoes are so cute to, eepecially with the painted toes!

Brad & Shanell Farr said...

looks like you had a great easter! i can't wait until hallie actually knows she's hunting for eggs! and i cant wait to see the new room!!

Suman Family said...

love that first little pic of lucy! i'm glad you had a great weekend even though we ditched out on you. yummy bbq. the kabobs look professional! i am excited to see you guys tomorrow.

theleguis said...

ok so what is travel town? that looks so fun.

Anne said...

Fun!!! Lucy is adorable. That is such a fun age. Next year Owen will be too cute trying to keep up! So... did you ever get that Red Velvet Cupcake Recipe??? Pass it on if you did... Yum!!

dana said...

Marsha, Travel Town is a place near Griffith Park here in LA. They have a bunch of old trains that are parked and kids can climb on them. Lucy's still a little young to appreciate it. But perfect for 3-6 year old boys.

dietcokegrrl said...

Great post and LOVE the shoes and the painted toes. Hannah would never sit still long enough for me to do that...at least not yet.

Great grill by the way--woohoo!

Kizzycakes said...

such fun easter festivities! i love seeing how grown up lucy is becoming. i wish we had that kinda easter weather here -- it rained all day! i wasn't even motivated to do an in-house hunt. oh well...there's always next year. can't wait to see the new room. oh, and good luck surviving march madness!

Sara said...

such cute pictures! And talk about a rad bbq! How exciting!

Jean said...

Sounds like a wonderful time!! You guys always do the funnest things! And kudos on those delicious grilled kabobs! YUM!!

And you're SO welcome for a little Panera help! Yay, I love getting referenced in other people's blogs. :-)

Jodie said...

What a cute blog (I found it through the Cannons). Your kids are so dang cute, I love it!