Last Week

I'm a little behind on my posting. But here's what we were up to last week. We went back down to OC to hang out with family and we went to Disneyland twice. Two days in a row!
Lucy had fun playing with her little cousin Chloe (although I'm sure she was confused why she didn't look like her good friend Chloe from Pasadena). Gerrit helped them play hockey. They actually look pretty good here. But mostly it was Lucy almost decapitating Chloe with the stick.
Most of my family will be in Arizona for Easter, so we decided to play Easter Egg hunt early. We hid the plastic eggs in the backyard for Lucy, Chloe, and Jeremy. I tried to teach Lucy how to "hunt". And she eventually got the hang of it. Though she wouldn't do anything without the bike helmet on. She's very into hats lately. And when she found this in Gram's backyard, it was on her head to stay. Well, actually it kinda fell off so she continually had to hold on to one of the straps as she bent down to pick up an egg. Funny girl. She kinda looks "special".
She found a helmet for me too. I'm glad it says "Dr. Pepper" on the side.
Chloe was much better than Lucy at finding eggs.
And since Kam hasn't posted any pictures on Delilah on her blog...I'll keep em coming! :)
She is the tiniest little thing and has skinny long limbs. It's real cute. I love that her leggings are baggy (even at newborn size)
Precious:On our drive back to Pasadena, we hit up Disneyland with everyone. It's right off the 5 and was the perfect way to avoid rush hour traffic. Ava looks so old to me in this picture. She's not a baby anymore. So cute.
Camille and Jeremy on the tram ride. It's harder for them to get to Disneyland during the day now that he's in Kindergarten. So it was great that we went in the afternoon!
Lucy did a little better on the rides this time around. She actually liked the Alice in Wonderland and Buzz LightYear rides.
And of course she loved the water. It was 4 pm when we got there, so we weren't going to let the kids play in the water. But everyone else went on a ride and while we waited, she found it. And she played in it. Good think I always have extra clothes .Lucy and Ava are the perfect age for Toon Town and loved the Mickey and Minnie houses.
It was a really fun day. And little Owen was fabulous. He either slept or looked around. And when he was awake, this was the cute face peering up at me:
To top it off, we did all again the next day! (joined by Karis and Marty and our friends Sarah and Chloe from Pasadena). I was pretty exhausted Thursday night, but well worth the trips. It's great to have family in town and spend time together. We were going to spend the weekend hanging out with Casey's brother's family, Jeff and Nicole. But they all got sick and weren't able to come. Such a bummer for them and us. We're excited to see them in May when they come out! And we still got to see Grandma and Grandpa Willard on Sunday for dinner. It was a real family-family week.


teresa and the boys said...

Awwww, c'mon, Dana -- just follow everyone else to AZ. You know you want to. =)

the bates motel said...

sounds like you guys have been having a fun time! so busy! love those days! see you next week!

The Paske Family said...

Looks like good times. And it's so sunny. Hey I read your post about allergies and thought I'd share. My Ava was allergic to milk and now she is just sensitive to it. I was frustrated trying to find a formula to work (I nursed for 6 mo, but at 4 mo started trying different formulas because I wasn't producing enough). We figured out she was allergic to soy too. Her scratch test and blood tests for milk came back that she wasn't allergic, so it was determined she was sensitive to it. But anyway, Good Start Supreme is made without one of the proteins found in milk and that worked perfect for Ava. It is priced like Simlac ($26 for the big can). Ava still only drinks rice milk but can eat all the other dairy items and she also grew out of her soy allergy. Weird how their little bodies can change.

debra said...

Okay- your "special" comment about Lucy for some reason made me think of "The Other Sister"! Don't ask why...

Looks like you've had a great week with family. Thanks for posting pics of Delilah-- I've been waiting for Kam to post some, so good job for doing it so we can all see her! She's adorable.

Nicole Willard said...

I love the "special" pictures of Lucy. I love all the fun stuff you are doing. Ours has come to a halt for a few weeks, momma has no energy and is not feeling to hot these days.
She is looking so grown up in some of those pictures.

Jean said...

Awww, I love it. You always do the coolest things!! I'm so impressed that you're going to Disneyland regularly with the kids. I can't WAIT to go with Weston! :-)

The Miller Family: said...

thanks for showcasing my family for me. one day ill blog better