It takes two to tango

Lucy and her little friend Chloe are good playmates. Whenever they get together though, they always seem to get into some sort of mischief (but good mischief, that is). Here they are a couple months ago when I found them trying to push Lucy's crib around the room. Lucy's expression is great, "well, back to the old drawing board"...
And it happens at Chloe's house too. They often play with all the curtains and pull everything out of Chloe's closet. Sounds like fun!
Today, they were in our backyard playing on the grass. Our sprinklers haven't been shutting off properly, so water pools up around them. The two girls were real quiet and when I glanced out to check on them I noticed them playing in this water. No big deal. But as I got closer, this is what I saw:
They were actually covered in mud. They were tromping and splashing and playing in the muddy sprinkler hole and loving it.
So I took off their clothes and let them continue with the fun.
Mud does feel good squishing between your toes.
They had just as much fun playing in the tub afterward too. Cute little girls. I love seeing their personalities shine.


teresa and the boys said...

Love Lucy's expression in the crib-pushing pic!

And who doesn't love a good splosh in the mud now and then? I'm surprised you didn't jump in too!

Suman Family said...

cute little muddy legs! chloe looks a lot older than i remember from the 4th of july. cute friends.

Connie said...

How fun for Lucy to have a partner in crime. The first picture is so funny!

Darci said...

That is cute. I can't believe how big those girls look. It is so nice that they have each other. Those Party Animals!
p.s. Tell Sara I said Hi!

megan said...

I loveee it! Such cute little girls! So fun to have someone to hang with like that!

Jean said...

Oh, they are SO CUTE!!! And why try to prevent the inevitable... yay for diaper time!