I totally paused

Owen's allergist is in Beverly Hills, which is usually kind of a pain to get to. But on a Saturday morning it wasn't too bad. So I snapped some photos along the way. I mean, it's illegal now to use your cell phone in the car (without the hands-free earpiece), but I can totally shoot videos with my camera while driving, right?
The picture above is a cool church on Santa Monica Blvd. The sky was too picturesque.
And the video below is along Beverly Drive. The street is so BH, for many reasons. It's lined with beautiful palm trees and there are two lanes for both sides of traffic (4 lanes total), but there are no lines painted, so cars just kinda get in their own lanes (how dare the City of BH mess up the beautiful street by painting ugly lines on it. It might conflict with their silver-painted fire hydrants). I always think of Clueless when I drive along here: Cher cruising around in her white jeep. The street curves around past The Beverly Hills Hotel and then up and over the hill (becoming Cold Water Canyon along the way) into the valley. It's a gorgeous drive. I used to drive it daily in my early LA years, working as a PA. I miss the pretty scenery:


Miss Molly said...

Looked at some photos below from your date at Disneyland...let's just talk about your post baby skinniness for a minute here. WHAT?

La La Land said...

Love the video! 90210 forever!