Sunday Night Dinner

About once a month we go to my parent's house for Sunday dinner. Usually there's a birthday or some other occasion we're celebrating. But last night was just....fun and chill.
The Millers are in town for the week so we a great time chatting with them and meeting their new baby Delilah. Kam, Eric, Gerrit, and my dad:
Kam and I have the newest babies in the family. Owen and Delilah are about 2 months apart....but I think his head is about 3 times larger. He looks like Charlie Brown (and his stomach looks like a balloon). We spent the evening eating, chatting, chilling in baby chairs:
...throwing pillows at the kids (here they are waiting in anticipation for the pillow blow):...playing the guitar and drums in the garage:
I love this picture (or the moment) for many reasons. This is my sister Camille and cousin Jarond. Camille has really gotten into the drums recently. She and some other moms in the ward get together once a week to play Rock Band. Funny. And Jarond is a fabulous musician. He writes music for the kids' show Yo Gabba Gabba. I have so many childhood memories of someone in the family picking up a guitar or sitting at the piano and everyone singing along. Music and art runs in the family blood far more than sports and competition (hooray for spouses who have brought that interest with them). This was one of those moments when someone sat down and they started playing together. It was great to listen along. But what I love most about this moment is that growing up, Camille and Jarond were BEST of friends. They're a year apart and they did everything together. They planned puppet shows and carnivals and magic shows and had fun playing together. So it was really cute to see the two of them out in the garage playing music together. They looked like little kids again.

While music was happening in the garage, Laura set up a photo-shoot on the couch and we kept piling the kids on. Owen continued to slide further and further on his side and Delilah wasn't too happy, but Chloe held on to her. So cute. Here they are (from left to right).
Ava (15 months), Jeremy (almost 6), Lucy (2), Owen (3 months), Chloe (3), and Delilah (3 weeks):
And we captured one of my new favorite family photos: Owen and Papa, Stripes for Sunday.
They look adorable together and kind of have the same head. Nice Sunday dinner. And we were home by 10:45!


the bates motel said...

ohhhh! sounds like such a fun sunday dinner! i MISS those! all the kids looks so cute and owen looks so old! i'm sooooo excited to come to the oc! woohoo!

teresa and the boys said...

I won't tell Aaron about the garage pic -- he'd probably cry that he didn't get to be there. Seriously, you ask Aaron about his childhood, and he rarely talks about Australia, or Dublin -- it's all about visiting Santa Ana and skateboarding with Jarond...

Claudia said...

I love that your family is so close and gets together often. What a blessing! Owen and your Dad look so cute together. No need to wonder what he'll look like when he's older. :o) Thanks for the pic of baby Delilah too! She really is tiny and a replica of her Dad. You are all awesome :o)

Allison said...

Can I just say that I absolutely love hanging out with your family? Can I come over next time and jam with the dudes and dudettes? I do a mean Pat Benatar...