Sick Days

Do you ever pretend your kids aren't really sick? I mean, Lucy's nose was running and her eyes were watery, but she was still jumping all around the house. It's probably just allergies I resolved. We were still going to the kids concert at the library and free day at Kidspace, darn it!
And we did. And it didn't go so well. She was sick. And she's still sick today.
She was so funny in the night though. She woke up crying around midnight and I went in to find a snotty teary-eyed face, hair matted down to her snot-dried forehead. She looked so sad. I asked if she wanted milk (hoping I could hide some tylenol in it) but she said, "no" (her "no"s are real cute. They're short and sound kinda british. If you've ever seen The Barry Gibb Talk Show on SNL, she sounds like Justin Timberlake, "no, no I don't"). Do you want some water? "no". Want to go see Daddy? "no". Want to sleep with mommy in mommy's bed? "no". What would you like? "ni-night". All she wanted was to lay in her bed and be left alone. How mature. I laid her back down in the crib and she cried herself to sleep for a few minutes. Oh, breaks my heart.
She's really not that bad though. I think she just has a cold. She's super congested and super snotty. I promise, I do wipe her nose. But it just keeps a comin.
So we're spending the day at home, watching as much television as she wants....and coloring in her Elmo coloring book. So far so good!
At least Owen will get some decent naps today instead of the hodge podge of cat naps while we run errands and go to the park.
For some reason pictures of sick kids are kinda cute to me. They just look so fragile....they need a hug.


the bates motel said...

poor lucy! she does looks so cute in those pics though :)! hope she gets better soon! no fun when kids are sick!

Heather said...

It must be going around, we've had sniffles and/or coughs for a couple of weeks, now. But for the most part we've been able to keep up with the routine, only missing a few days to keep the spewing germs at bay! :-) I hope she gets better soon!

I know what you mean about Owen's nap schedule being sporradic, my guy has the same problem. I think he was happy the tire on our stroller went flat so we could drive to Golden Farms and nap in his bed instead of walk to Golden Farms and nap in the stroller. :D

teresa and the boys said...

Aaawww.... I agree. My kids are never more snuggly than when they're not feeling great. Poor Lucy -- hope she gets well soon, and that no one else gets the bug!

Sara said...

I totally want to give her a big hug! So sad.

The Hyer Family said...

Is Lucy flipping off the camera in the last pic??? I love it...and you know that I always pretend my kids aren't sick...I don't want to stay home!!!

Sharrid & Lexie said...

it stinks when they get sick, just hoping it leaves as soon as possible. Try a humidifier, it really helped Marce get better from Cold/Ear infections a bit ago. I can totally relate to this post.

megan said...

awww lucy!! I'm with you though, I like pics of sick kids. Not that I want them to be sick...I hate it when caden is sick! But,well, you know what I mean! And what a good momma...giving her a day off! I hope she gets better soon so you can get back to your fun!!