Kids Museum

"Bring him in to the station, ya hear?"
Yes Chief.
We went to a kids museum in La Habra on Saturday with Laura and Ava. All the kids had a great time. Lucy and Ava were a little young for all the dress-ups, but Lucy sure loved trying on hats (and using the red phone above)
Ava's favorite was the little grocery store and cash register. She loved the shopping carts too and didn't like it when someone borrowed hers. I don't blame her.
The OCTA donated an old bus to the museum. It was a really cute display....just half of the bus sitting there inside the room. Lucy looked HUGE next to the steering wheel. Here she is stepping on the back:
Sitting on the bus:
Thanks Laura for the fun idea and fun company. The first Saturday of every month is free. So we'll have to go again!


Suman Family said...

cute pics of lucy playing. i like the one with the red phone. great colors!

Nicole Willard said...

Don't you just love kids museums. You can spend hours there completly entertained. We have a membership to ours and just love it!!