"He's so cliche"

Owen has started making baby sounds. He coo-s, squeels, sucks on his fingers, and attempts to laugh. It's real cute. So I said to Casey the other day, "Owen really does make the goo-goo, ga-ga sounds we use to stereotype babies. He's so cliche." Casey thought that was kinda silly. I guess what I mean to say is that he's "normal."
Here's a taste of his latest sounds (not exactly coo-ing, but just happy talking to himself in the mirror of his floor mat):

The other thing he does that's so cliche is to wake up a few times in the night. When Lucy was 3 months old, she was sleeping the entire night pretty regularly. Owen, however, seems to be up every 3 hours. And last night was exceptionally special because Lucy also decided to wake up a couple times. At least she was happy in her bed reading books outloud and playing with farm animals. But I had to shake my head, "why are both my kids wide awake at 4:30 in the morning?!" Thankfully everyone went back to sleep. Of course they're still adorable when they get up in the morning. We couldn't get Owen to look at the camera, but Lucy just sat there posing for me:
And then she gave Owen a kiss on the head. I like her weird laugh at the end:


Nicole Willard said...

We love the little video of Owen cooing. Jacqueline had both hands on each side of her cheek saying how cute 'adorable' he was and she had us watch it 3 times in a row. He is so stinkin cute!!

Brad & Shanell Farr said...

i love that lucy has a clip in her hair first thing in the morning!

dana said...

it's only to keep her hair back! I promise.

Miriam Oh said...