both families

We got to hang out with both families this weekend. What a treat!
On Saturday, we saw the Willards. Owen sat on the trike for the first time:
On Sunday, we played on the bed:
Then we went to the Suman side for birthday dinner. This time we were celebrating uncle Rich and my brother-in-law Bryan's birthdays.

Lucy enjoys a good umbrella:
Ava and the orange cone came to join her:
Jeremy is the best at making Owen laugh. It's real cute:
The birthday boy was getting call after call after call:
Camille and Jeremy enjoying our mexican dinner:
Owen got some Papa time:
And Gram time too:
Lucy's been very into birthdays lately and clearly exclaimed, "Happy Birthday Rich!"
We all gathered for a group shot:And there's no way to capture this ambiance...But when 9pm rolled around, Eric dimmed the lights, stuck colored balloons in all he recessed lights, my mom turned on Snoop and old DeeLite music, and the two little girls danced and danced for about an hour:
It's so cute to see them interacting more with each other as they grow older.
What a nice finish to the evening!
We're so lucky to have both families near by.


Camille said...

That was a fun night. It's always so fun when you guys come down! I love how the kids are getting bigger, and like you said, interacting more now. It's so fun to watch their personalities form. Glad you live close enough to hang out with both families in one weekend.

the bates motel said...

fun weekend w/ both sides. i bet it is nice to be able to be close to both sides. lucy looks cute in her little dress. and man owen is getting so big and less baby like! such a cute big boy! we are excited to see you guys next week!

Saunja said...

So cute that the two little girlies are having so much fun together. Owen is cute on the trike.

Kenny and Linsey said...

Um, this is just like me, I have loads of photos of my boys with my family but never any with Kenny's family. We see them, really, but I guess the camera just doesn't make it out...I don't know. Fun weekend!

Nicole said...

So fun having both families co close. Owen looks so big sitting on that little tike. I love Lucy's 2 little pig tails coming out of the side of her little head in her cute dress!

megan said...

I can not believe owen is old/big enough to sit on a trike!!!