Stand in the Place where You are

I don't mean to sound abbrassive or so open in this post, but a great episode of Glenn Beck tonight couldn't have stated better how I've felt for a long time being a conservative in Hollywood. He had on:
Andrew Klavan, author of the book Empire of Lies
Film critic Michael Medved
and film director David Zucker (for his new film An American Carol which spoofs the idiocy of Hollywood-worshipped Michael Moore).

In Hollywood, there seems to be an elitist attitude of "join the Left" or walk alone. Don't tell anyone you're a conservative or you get put on a "gray" list, shunned as being less intelligent than the rest of California. Movies used to be made for mainstream America about mainstream America and God-loving people; movies that were non-partisan and played to a wide audience. Now Hollywood seems more interested in movies that: hate America, portray a dark human inner-spirit, or center around, themselves! (how many Clooney/Pitt, Oceans 11-ish films do we have to see? We get it, you're running the show around here...and you all drive Prius's - whether you understand carbon footprinting or not). These were among the many great points made on tonight's episode and well...

It got me thinking of the years gone by, while working in the film industry, that I've kept my mouth shut around the office, pretending to go with the flow while they slammed George Bush, cried over spilt John Kerry milk and put Sean Penn on a pedestal. For one, I've never felt strong enough in my political knowledge to get in a debate with overlly educated individuals. And two, when everyone just assumes that everyone else around the office is liberal, what's the point in walking around with a smile on my face saying "hey! I totally get where Palin was coming from when she hoped we'd be on God's side in the war we're fighting!" Clearly I'd be coined the "crazy religious girl". Instead, I want to sit at my desk and be left (no pun intended) alone. But after watching tonight's Glenn Beck, and listening to enough DUMB banter from Matt Damon (um, why should his political opinion matter any more or less than Joe Shmoe on the street? And why does he keep referring to Palin as President? Last I heard, she was the VP running mate).

So in light of the above mentioned, I'd like to state for the record (in a less-intimidating arena and more personal soapbox...my blog!) that:

I am a Conservative Repulican.

  • I believe in small government.
  • I don't believe in free hand-outs for everyone. It limits our potential as individuals and a society. What happened to the saying "Give a man a fish, feed him for a day....TEACH a man to fish, feed him for life"?
  • Equal taxing for everyone. And while we're at it, less taxes
  • I believe in helping the environment by recycling, conserving resources, and reducing pollution. However,
  • I do NOT believe in Global Warming. And I think extreme environmental standards often hurt businesses and hinder our need to find local oil supply.
  • I believe individuals should be economically responsible for their own actions and decisions (why are we bailing people out of their own stupid housing market mistakes???)
  • I'm against Universal Healthcare
  • I think unions do more damage than good (and on an unrelated note, so do HOAs)
  • I support legal immigration, NOT illegal immigration.
  • I don't support abortion.
  • I believe in the sanctity of marriage between a man and a woman
And there you have it folks. That's who I am and what I support. Sorry, none of you were asking. Sorry some of you will think I'm a weirdo. Many of you may not care. But as Cameron told Ferris, "I'm just gonna take a stand." It's time to take a stand in Hollywood and come out of the Conservative closet. Enough already.


Nat said...

Woohoo!! I'm right there with you, sister. Though I've never worked in Hollywood, I have felt the isolation of Republicans in SoCal. Growing up in WA, the move to LA shouldn't have been so shocking. BUT Utah definitely spoiled me. Around this [election] time, I definitely miss that.

Kenny and Linsey said...

Good for you. I think your political opinions are sufficiently well-developed and thought out and you could easily argue your points. The trouble with Hollywood is they don't care why you think something different from their mainstream so never saying anything was the best choice, I'm sure. It would be like talking to a wall.

I am so tired of being financially responsible for my fellow Americans' mistakes - unfortunately both parties are advocating bail-outs of some sort. Oh well, at least whomever we elect won't be Hugo Chavez.

dana said...

Haha. Excellent point Linsey...at least we won't have Hugo Chavez. I can live with that.

Jim said...

Sounds about right, (no pun intended).. I get a lot of heat as well, but what makes me laugh is Los Angeles has no idea that between here and NY (besides Vegas) is another world of hard working people that want a chance to make their American Dream! That doesn't include Bailing out Idiots, and paying huge taxes so people that are breaking the Law... (Illegal Immigrants) can have free health care.. We indeed are in a land of Socialists..

Camille said...

You made some great points and I agree with you! Good job for taking a stand!

Casey said...

Way to come out strong, babe. I've been a closeted conservative for years at work. It's just part of the working culture in CA.

Just to add to a few things you said:

* Most of our liberal friends are fair and open-minded individuals who simply have a difference of opinion on government's role in our lives, blah blah. If we all agreed on Dana's bullet-point list, there will still be a list of other items that divided us. Hooray for democracy.

* The Republican party routinely abandons many of the principles you've outlined. Unfortunately small government, less taxes, and individual liberty are only given lip service by both parties. Sometimes I think we might be more Libertarian or Independent.

* This year's election will probably do more to decide how the Iraq war shapes up than anything else. That, and who our next Supreme Court justices are. Other than that, I feel more and more that our President is just a figure-head. The important civic battles are being fought on much smaller scales - local elections, House and Senate seats, etc.

mrs. said...

As a former LA and SF Bay Area resident and closeted conservative, I can totally relate. I agree with you on the issues, and I can remember when George was re-elected in 2004 and everyone in my office was blasting how they couldn't believe there was anyone in our country stupid enough to vote for him (uh, the majority, i guess). The cat definitely got my tongue that day...

teresa and the boys said...

Dana... I might have a crush on you now. =)

Excellent post, and one that takes some guts to put out there anywhere, but especially in Hollywood.

And I totally agree -- why SHOULD I listen to Susan Sarandon? Because she's incredibly gifted at pretending to be someone else? Ummm....?

Aaron said...

Teresa had me read this at the same time she did. Rock on for expressing your views and making a (internet) stand.

It's funny, though. In California I was a moderate to conservative in my political viewpoints. Moving to Utah, however, I became a tree-hugging hippie without ever changing my stance on anything. I guess it all depends on where you live and the prevalent attitudes around you.

I would LOVE to have a relaxed political conversation with you about how are opinions differ and I completely agree with Casey when he said "If we all agreed on Dana's bullet-point list, there will still be a list of other items that divided us. Hooray for democracy."

Hooray for Democracy (or the Republic rather :))

Where you can think anything you want as long as it agrees with my opinion. hehe.

Super Kate said...

AMEN sista!!!!!! Love it love it love it...couldn't have said it better, in fact i know I couldn't.

debra said...

Good for you for making your point known and putting it out there (even if Matt Damon doesn't read your blog on a daily basis- and btw, he just lost all cuteness with me), it needs to be said and you said it SO well!

Being that I wasn't as involved in politics when I lived in SoCal, and I am now in the republican bubble of Utah (which I have to admit is pretty comfortable sometimes)- I couldn't agree more with you or Bro. Becks take on it all. It's a mess and I wish the "famous" folk would get off their left winged band wagon and allow others to think and feel and VOICE whatever they wish without ousting them!

Now I'm all riled up... thanks! JK.

Great post- thank you!!!!

Connie said...

I agree with both you and Casey. I think Peter and I lean toward Libertarian ideals a lot. I just want the government to do its job- protecting and defending us, not playing with our lives like kids play with Barbies! I'll choose what health care I want, which light bulbs I'll use, and what type of education my kids will receive, thank you very much!

Darci said...

Nicely put.

Anne said...

You go, girl. I completely agree with each of your points but I would never be able to say it as eloquently and succinctly as you did. Remember, there are more conservatives out there, but we just need to stand up and tell it like it is. Nice job.

Karis said...

Nicely put Dana! I agree with you 100% I don't know why it matters what these actors in Hollywood say. They are just ordinary people like everybody else. Super annoying and frustrating!

Sara said...


JENNILLE said...

Dana, good for you! You inspire me to do the same and voice my similar views on my blog! I totally agree. Do you also love Elisabeth Hasselbeck on "The View". I also love Glen Beck. I've become quite vocal about my republican views in my old age. :) You'll love this email I'll have to fwd you called "know your candidates". Keep up your rally!

The Paske Family said...

I love it! Madison is very liberal as well. We get our yard signs tomorrow. Before I moved to Wisconsin I didn't really know the vast differences of the two parties. In Utah it isn't debated too often because as a conservative you are in the majority. My husband on the other hand has always been very into politics and has been fighting his "right" stance for a long time. Election coverage consumes him right now. Sometimes I need a break and just want to watch mindless TV for a bit. It's great to see your passion and I really respect it. HIP HIP HOORAY!! You to Casey!

sarahz said...

way to go dana! take a stand.

Kevin and Vicki said...

I concure!

megan said...

wtg dana! thought we were the only ones that didn't believe in global warming!