Bye Bye Miriam

Friday night we said goodbye to our dear friend Miriam. She's moving to Oregon for Grad School. But thanks to blogging, we know where to find her funny rants and raves!A slew of people were invited, but of course those of us with kids were the first to show up. Quite a change from out days together in the single's ward. (From left to right): Erica and June, Natalie with Kim's baby Sarah, Lucy, Me and Owen, and Kim with Natalie's baby Lauren:
Yummy food, lots of people (people I miss seeing as often. KJ, Sarah, Eva...)
Lucy spent the evening wandering around and playing with whatever she found. Crazy eyes for the basketball:And here's Miriam with her older sister Rachel. They are both so adorable. Such a Miriam face:
Okay, we talked her into smiling:
Things I like about Miriam:
* She's her own person. She has funny quirks like making mouse sounds.
* Clever writer. I always enjoy her blog posts.
* Shares a love with me for writing letters or emails to Customer Service departments to voice frustration or disappointment.
* So easy to be around. Everyone has fun around Miriam. Really easy going.
* Has the coolest family history. If she ever writes it into a book, I'm buying it!
* LOVES animals.
* Feels awkward when people use emoticons and smiley faces in their emails.
* Eats healthy, is super active, does Tri-athalons.
* Has a thing about clean hands.
* Great email etiquette. I can always count on a response from her.
* Likes rainy days (reminds her of home).
* Hates cilantro.

We're going to miss you MohSoCool! Good luck with school and all your new fun adventures. Can't wait to read about them!


Jessica said...

Moh is joining us in the great northwest! It's been a regular migration up here from LA. We've got Todd Hillyard and wife, Erik and Jennille Isakson that live five minutes from me, me and Dave, Amy Wiltbank, Jamie Pope is moving here in a month and now Miriam. So when are the Willards coming?? :)

Bikini Lawyer said...

Okay, I don't think I ever got to meet Miriam while I was in LA but I do remember her name. The fact that she hates cilantro -- I'm sold.

Suman Family said...

looks like a lot of fun! i love getting together with friends from the single days.

lyndsey said...

i don't know miriam but i'm sure she's a cool lady and i wish her the best in grad school. the mention of her hating cilantro made me wonder if she's ever seen ihatecilantro.com (i have a lot of friends with the same hatred...apparently there's a community :)

sarahz said...

what a great tribute! I'm so sad i missed the party, and missed seeing all of you. i can't believe how much has changed in the last few years. at least we have our blogs to keep us posted on each others lives.

Stacy said...

Seriously, why is everyone leaving???

dietcokegrrl said...

HEY!! Why is everyone hating cilantro? It is my absolute favorite herb and I use it liberally in all my Mexican cooking. Watch out if you come over for enchiladas, tacos, taquitos or guacamole--it will be full of it! YUMMMMM!!

Miriam Oh said...

Hey Dana! I have been so out of the loop I haven't even checked your blog (which is usually a habit of mine). thanks for the fun pics and I loved the list! It's always fun to see the way other people see you (me).

As for cilantro, it is a menace. It ruins everything! And I am a proud member of the website.

megan said...

sad when good friends go!

and yes, I'm surprised by the number that don't like cilantro...I'm with doris..love it!