the kid week

This week was another busy one and full of kids. A couple friends have been having health problems so we've been babysitting on and off. I won't lie, it's been a circus here most days. Owen's been sleeping in the bathtub, kids naps have been all over the place, and the house is a disaster but we're SO happy we can help out. Being a mom is hard. And being a sick mom is much much harder. I'm pretty sure my day will come too. So we want to help where we can! And besides, who can resist such cuteness?
Owen and Paige hanging out. She's two months older than him:
Here's what else we've been up to....
On Tuesday, we got out of the house and went to the LA Zoo with friends.
Last time we stood here, I was pregnant with Owen! Times have changed. Lucy looks a little sad here but only because she got sunblock in her eye. Sorry little one.
I love this shot. Four little girls, looking at who knows what, but excited to be looking:The highlight of our outing - the Giraffes. They are by far Lucy's favorite:
We started a Parent Education class again through the city college. Last time we did it, I was also pregnant with Owen and had a rough time going to it. But this time around, I'm hoping for a better experience! I'm already enjoying this fabulous room we meet in. It's so nice and clean and recently remodeled (much better than the funky 70s church we went to before):
Lucy was in heaven with this dollhouse. She must have played with it for the first 45 minutes of class:
More friends came over to play:
Owen spent most of our days roaming the floor (and reminding me that I need to sweep/vacuum every day):Lucy and Ally. Cute little buddies:Lucy and Hannah, eating goldfish, and laughing their cares away:
We went to Karla's on Friday to help with her kids and I couldn't resist taking pictures of Paige. She was too adorable on their front steps (just itching to climb down):
Lucy and Owen spent the time running around the yard and picking up sticks. How great is Owen's hat?
Friday night I got a fabulous break! Casey took Lucy to the Daddy/Daughter Campout. So Owen and I chilled at home and had a very peaceful evening. It was so cute to see them getting ready. Lucy exclaimed over and over, "camping?! camping?!" while jumping up and down and climbing into Casey's truck. Here they are, all ready to go:
She had an okay time there. She didn't quite get what was going on and wouldn't go to bed till Casey did. But they still had fun. Lucy did a lot of coloring:
And....found some "Occagons! S-T-O-P spells, Stop!"
When they got home the next morning (and I was beginning to miss the little girl) Lucy came walking up the stairs with these in hand:
"I got you flowers Mom!" (she's started calling me and Casey Mom and Dad recently - rather than Mommy and Daddy - it's real cute and she sounds so grown up). Thanks for the pretty flowers Lucy (aka, Casey).
On Sunday, Owen wore his first pair of shoes to church, his PediPeds from Grandma Linda. I'm not one to put shoes on a child till they're old enough to warrant it. It's still a little early for Owen but I was scared these he'd already grown out of these. Phew. There's still room to grow! And he got to wear them with his funky boutique pants. I've been thinking about knee pads on pants for a while (ever since Lucy wore out all her pant legs while crawling). So these have inspired me to want to make my own. And besides, the pads are very boyish:

Cute little Owen:
And that's our week! Hope yours went okay as well!


the bates motel said...

sounds like you've been busy. so nice that your able to help out a sick mom in need! i seriously love the pic of lucy in the backseat all ready to go camping w/ her dad! so sweet. pretty flowers too.

Kim said...

I truly wish there was a picture of Owen in the tub--pretty ingenius if you ask me. busy weeks are my favorite!

Jean said...

Yay!! Sounds like a busy but fun-filled week. Lots and lots of little-kid-interaction!!

Love Owen's pants. Totally dig the knee reinforcements. :-)

Suman Family said...

ok - you are getting in some good #3 practice (and #4 and #5 :)) and it's super nice to be helping out like that.

looks pretty exciting. i love the campout pics. i think that is such a cute idea. i hope you're week is a little less eventful this week.

LosPeterson said...

WOW. You be one busy baby momma, Dana. LOVE the idea of children sleeping in bathtubs. I wish I would have talked to you a year ago instead of wasting money on a stupid crib! Keep up the great work! -Renae

Karis said...

I love that your ward is still doing Daddy/Daughter campouts. Those were so fun when I was a kid. Totally cute in the car all ready to go! I love it when kids get so excited and they have no idea what they are getting into.

Kenny and Linsey said...

Wow! You're a good friend. That camp out is such a fun idea - what a good ward you have. I love Owen's pants, very cute and practical!

Jessica said...

Your kids are so cute it hurts! And your hair is getting so long- cute!! :)

Saunja said...

I like Lucy's smile in the truck when they are about to leave for camping, so cute. And the very last picture of Owen is adorable. Okay, Owen's hat?...um, that must be a different Owen. Because your little Owen isn't that tall nor (like that word?) can he run around the yard with Lucy yet. Hmm....

Bikini Lawyer said...

Okay, what the heck was on that little girl's head? A helmet?!? It didn't look like one for medical reasons so I'm a bit curious.

dietcokegrrl said...

Thanks again for watching Hannah and Sammy for me---I know it was a looong week for you!

Cute picture of Hannah and Lucy on the couch!!

Glad you got an evening to yourself (kind of) while Casey and Lucy went camping--so cute!

Camille said...

wow, what a good update. you have busy!! that's a lot of little kids. how nice of you to help out. that's fun that you made it to the zoo! and i totally love that pic of lucy in the back seat of the truck!! and the pic of her in front of the tent. too cute. also, that last pic of owen is adorable!

Anne said...

Wow you have had your hands full, but what fun! I love all the pictures. Owen is really getting so big!! I can't believe it. And I just love little Lucy's hair- she is precious!

Super Kate said...

So, the pictures of Lucy in the car getting ready to go camping soooooo has your smile already. It's so cute.
Those pants with the patches are fantastic...i want a boy just so he can have those pants.