I haven't been much of a blogger lately. I guess I've been busy with normal life, tons of sewing, and vampire reading. Oddly though, I've been reading for only a 1/2 hour each night. I'm not as sucked in this time around but I'm enjoying the plot.

I also haven't been doing my Flashback Fridays. To any avid FF Readers out there, I apologize. I just haven't been feeling it lately. I'll get back on it one of these days.

So here's a recap of what we've been up to lately. We've been doing stuff.
We found a splash pad here in town (thanks to our good friend Karla) and have gone a few times. Perfect for these hot afternoons:
Karla and her two kids joined us:
Lucy loves collecting the water in a cup. But she doesn't always like to get doused in it:Owen has a new scrunched nose smile. It's so adorable and even cuter when he's 2 inches from your face doing it:
Lucy and Karla's Owen had fun playing in trees and running around together:
We went to Travel Town:

"Choo chooo!"
We went to my parent's house to celebrate this little girl's 1st birthday (my niece Makenna):
and to say goodbye to my adorable sister Meredith. She's off to BYU-Idaho and starts classes on Monday! We're so proud of her and will surely miss her. She has the most friendly disposition, she makes everyone laugh with her funny stories and comments, and she's just fun to be around. She's so good at playing Aunt to all our little kids. She's talented and cute. She's gonna love being in college and will make tons of friends I'm sure. We love you Mere Pere! Ava, Owen, and Makenna:
Lucy saw the cupcakes Sara had made for the party and was begging to have one. So I told her we had to have a party first and then cupcakes. Here she is trying to get the party started. I think she's saying something like, "party, then cupcakes!"
Mark is such a great dad. He's willing to do whatever and he's super helpful with all of our kids too.
Sara, Mark, and Makenna:
Sara made this adorable rubber duckie cake. It turned out great! (and tasted super yummy. LOVE that homemade shortening-stuffed frosting)
For Makenna's birthday gift I made these goldfish pants (since she loves to eat goldfish crackers):
And we took the group shot around the island. Can you find Casey?
Meredith is a master at spinning flashlights around. Seriously, it's really cool to watch:
And with Mark and Sara here, that meant....wiiiiii! A mean round of Mario Kart:
And the oldschool N64 version too:
Casey went to Vegas last weekend with all guy friends for their annual Arena Of Death fantasy football league draft. They rented a house and spent their days playing football, Mario Kart, eating food, and drafting players. They're a funny bunch of guys. (From left to right) Brian Peterson, Casey, Rob Hanks, Nate Mitchell, Devin Devil Colvin, Jason Best, and Brett Spackman:
You know you want to smack Nate's butt
On Labor Day we went to Casey's parent's house for a bbq and to hang out. We saw a matinee of Traitor. Enjoyable. And then we ate corn on the cob and burgers outside. I love this picture of Owen. He looks old to me:
And that's our update! I hope to be back more often in the future. Happy Friday to everyone!


Jean said...

Great update, and cute pictures!!

I know how you feel about Breaking Dawn. I'm only reading like a chapter a night, but I think I only have maybe 4-5 left to go. After I reached the halfway point, my reading has been a little slower-going. I think the first book might be my favorite, actually!

I found Casey, I found Casey!! Yaaaay. (As soon as I read that caption, I got all excited for a challenge. And challenge indeed! But in the end I realized Lucy probably wasn't hovering in the air on her own, haha.)

Totally adorable Goldfish pants. If I made pants with my favorite things on the leg, I think it would include Lipsmackers, soft pretzels, and Disneyland scenes.

the bates motel said...

sounds like you guys have been busy doing "stuff". fun. cute pics and wow owen really does looks super old in that last pic! such a cutie!

Nicole said...

Fun update! I love all the "stuff" you have been up too. That Travel Town looks like fun. I just LOVE Owens squisy face, soooo cute!

Kenny and Linsey said...

That splash pad looks so great - Caleb is going through an afraid of everything phase, especially water, something like that might cure him

Isaac has a new scrunched nose smile too, but every time I get out the camera he stops - it's so cute, I just need a permanent record of it - Owen is getting cuter all the time

seriously, Sarah's cake is REALLY impressive - I tell myself I can't make stuff like that because I live in the third world, but really, who's kidding who, that's not the real reason

love the goldfish pants, so cute - and love your new MADE site, you're so talented

Jessica said...

Do you like playing wii? We're thinking of getting one, but I haven't played it yet. Dave and I aren't much into video games but he's excited about wii.

Dave and his friends also make a HUGE deal out the fantasy sports. It really consumes a lot of his time and thoughts. I don't get it!!

Karis said...

You always do such fun stuff. I guess that's the perks of living in LA. I have been vampire reading too! I need to finish. I try to squeeze it in when I can find the time! We should all get together and see the movie if we can. Thanksgiving??? What's happening with that?

Saunja said...

Fun post! Okay, the splash pad place looks awesome. Love Owen's scrunchy nost smile, so cute. Lucy looks adorable in her Travel Town picture. Cute tribute to Mere. And I love the goldfish pants. So cute.

Saunja said...

Woops, I spelled nose wrong. Yes, I know it doesn't end in a t.

Camille said...

Great post! Lots of cute and fun pictures. I love the one of Casey and Lucy peeking their heads out of the train window. I'm glad you're a lover of that yummy shortening frosting too!! I LOVE it! I think it's good memories from being a kid. Sounds like such a fun trip for Casey and his friends. That's total guy heaven.