Happy Birthday Camille

Last night we celebrated my sister Camille's birthday.
As usual, the kids had fun playing outside. Jeremy is adorable with his cousins. He plays with them and is the best at making them laugh:

Little Luce Goose:
Dancing and jumping around the concrete:
Kam and Gerrit were in town with town with their two little kids. Aunt Karen holding Delilah. I think they have the same expression:
Camille, Jeremy, and Bryan:
Jarond came up from Long Beach for the party too. It was a Gibb's get-together as well. Kam, Jarond, Karen, and Delilah:
To go along with the cool George Michael buttons we bought at his recent 25 Live concert, I made Camille this tote bag:
If you're missing the Wham Make It Big days, click here for some real gems.

And since we missed Laura's recent birthday, she got a bag also. Silhouettes of their family. Mom made her yummy marshmallow topped texas sheet cake. Mmmmmm:
While the adults sat and talked politics, the girls played in the garage. Cute little cousins:
Mostly, they watched Baby Einstein. But at one point, Laura went out there and they were sitting quietly, watching...football. She kept scanning to the room, looking for Casey. But it was just the little girls. They must have changed the channel themselves.
Another fun Birthday night.


the bates motel said...

sounds like a fun bday celeb. d those bags you made are super CUTE. great job. your just way too crafty!

Karis said...

Wish we could've been there. It always looks so fun. How are you making those bags?? Really cute!! You are super creative.

Kenny and Linsey said...

I suppose on some level football is equally educational to baby einstein. Boys always like the girls that are pretty but that can relate to their manliness too. Though, perhaps they are starting a bit early to figure that sort of thing out?

Cute bags, as usual.

Camille said...

Thanks for my fun bag! I love it!! A bag and George Michael....man, it can't be more perfect! I love having a joon bug baby original. Thanks for coming down to celebrate. It's always fun to get together with you guys. Super cute close-up pic of Lucy!

teresa and the boys said...

I love the shot of Karen and Delilah.

dietcokegrrl said...

That cake looks soooo good!! I totally want a piece!

LOVE the bags--totally creative idea!!

Saunja said...

Love both of the bags, they turned out really cute. Good job!

theleguis said...

so fun to see the whole fam. hi to everyoen form marsha p. Happy bday camille!

megan said...

that cake looks super yummy! healthy too, right?!

and great gifts to give!! I still need to freezer paper my onesies!

Sara said...

Awesome bags! The George Michael one looks so amazing and looks like it was SO hard to cut it so perfectly. You cease to amaze me!