Nature's Miracle Food

I came across this billboard the other night and thankfully had my camera with me:I kinda thought that Snickers really satisfied? In my mind I'm picturing this exchange:
Kid is just getting home from school.
Mom: "Hey Mike, what would you like for an after-school snack?"
Kid: "mmmmm. How bout...eggs?!"
Kid gobbles down as many eggs as he can to satisfy those afternoon pains.

Eggs may be the forgotten child of the food chain, but I can think of so many better campaigns than this one (which kinda makes me want to gag).

Now here's a billboard I agree with:


Kenny and Linsey said...

My all time favorite billboard is of a gorgeous couple dressed to the nines. There is a little bubble over his head that reads "Care if I smoke?" (He has a cigarette poised to light in his hand). The bubble over her head reads "Care if I die?"

Tibi said...

Haha that is gross and pretty funny!

Jim said...

Go BLUE!!!

and of course.. go eggs.....
I guess..
But GO BLUE!!!

Saunja said...

Oooooh. Yuck! I can't think of a worse afternoon snack. Except maybe liver and onions.

Karis said...

I am commenting on behalf of Marty..."I agree on the last billboard pic you posted."

megan said...

I will have to keep a lookout for that egg billboard...it is kinda weird.

we are dodger ppl too:-)

Fernando said...

As you already know, I may not think of eggs as an afternoon snack, but I definitely love eggs! Especially after not being able to buy them for the past week, I was starting to have withdrawals.

For the rest of you guys, please see my post at http://www.dianeandfernando.com/2008/09/eggs/.

kel bel said...

true, snickers are better than eggs. period. but seen from a global perspective, it could be way worse...the after school snack of choice for kids in Hong Kong: cold, marinated chicken feet. Move over, cheetos! but cool billboard, nonetheless.