Hanging on the porch

These two have been friends for a while.
Though the hair has grown longer, some things never change.

June 2007:
Last Saturday, Sept 2008:
Cute cute little girls.


Saunja said...

That's really sweet.

the bates motel said...

such cute friends! wow chloe's hair has gotten really long! cute little girls!

Nicole said...

Cute little girls! It is amazing how much they grow up and change in just one year.

Jean said...

Awww sweet! Yay for girlfriends.

Darci said...

I've always thought that those two were so cute together. Nothing like a great pal.

Alvaro López said...

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I hope that if, because my English is horrible.
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Suman Family said...

wow. so cute. i can't believe that is a year ago. they look so different.