Donuts and Pumpkins

Our Saturday mornings often seem to come and go by "lounging" around, Owen taking his morning nap, getting ready for the day. But this past Saturday we got up and out of the house by 8:30am and headed for a Donut shop Casey had heard great things about:
Lucy was all too thrilled to have something that sort of looked like a cupcake and tasted just as yummy. Sprinkles of course: I like this picture of her and me. I feel just like her: a little kid sitting on the curb eating treats.
The donuts were actually really good. Not sure it's worth a 20 min drive but still a tasty treat. It's hard to tell in the photo but these two donuts are HUGE. I'm glad Casey didn't eat-it-all. In fact, he wishes there was a donut shop that sold donuts 1/4 the size of these. Hmmm....a lovely idea!
Chilling with dad. Great Saturday morning outing!
We spent our afternoon playing with toys and taking naps. I bought some blocks for the kids and they seem to be a hit!
And in the evening we celebrated pumpkins. We headed to the Kidspace Pumpkin festival (which really wasn't all that great but made for a nice photo backdrop of pumpkins and kids) .Lucy sported a new Fall Leave hairclip. I was surprised these didn't sell too well at the boutique last month. But everyone's into cupcakes! Oh well, now Lucy gets to enjoy it...in every color...
We ran into friends there but the Fackrells are the only ones we got a picture of. Love this shot; Max doing whatever and Mia posing just long enough from tears to look at the camera. Great stuff! And cute family:The highlight of our outing was just hanging out in the pumpkin patch playing with pumpkins. Owen's expression makes me smile:
Owen wanted to drum on each one:
And Lucy wanted to pick them all up:It was hard to catch them both smiling but these turned out kind of cute:
And to finish the evening - dinner at one of our favorite establishments. Our drinks of preference:
Sunday, we continued with the pumpkin theme by heading to my parent's house.
How adorable is this picture? A little blurry on Ava. But such cute cousins together. The little girls love Jeremy. And how old does he look here? He's growing up!
But he still loves to play their silly games (or they love to play his...). Here they are jumping from the coffee table to the couch as we parents look on, until Gram came around and asked us to stop. Sorry! (but hurry, do it one more time so I can take a picture) The dinner table looked so festive and cute. One half of the group:
And the other end of the table. Can you find Ava?
These pictures also make me smile. How cute is this little guy getting all messy with pasta noodles?
After dinner, we spread out newspaper and carved pumpkins. Since Lucy loves to watch us color these days (instead of actually coloring herself) I had a feeling she'd be into this. And she was! She carefully watched Casey draw a face and carve out the pieces on her very cute and tiny pumpkin:While Casey pulled out all the stringy insides from the pumpkin, Lucy exclaimed over and over "there's the honey! the honey!" She thought the little pumpkin was a honey pot just like Whinnie the Pooh carries around. And the stinging insides were strings of honey. Pretty funny.
Once we put a candle inside and lit it up, she exclaimed, "Happy Birthday!" Then she blew out the candle and wanted to do it seven more times. Funny girl. Jeremy was so funny when I took this picture. At the last moment he posed his hand next to the pumpkin to pretend that he was in-action. He's learned from his aunts and uncles! And this picture is awesome. Ava did not want to participate, but dang it! Eric was going to make sure she had fun:
I guess Ava won. She went back in the garage to play with the Little People.
Here are the pumpkins, all lined up. Eric and Laura even carved some turnips (which are what was originally used on Halloween, LONG ago). They're the little ones in front. From left to right the pumpkins are: Bryan's cartoon face, Jeremy's classic jack 'o lantern, my pumpkin cage, Lucy's mini pumpkin, and Eric's "this did not work out at all" random cutting job. Lucy and her pumpkin. It's hard for me to see myself in my kids sometimes but this picture looks a lot like me when I was her age:
Time to get cracking on the Halloween costumes. Only a few days left!


debra said...

Yay- you went to Glendora!!! Donut Man is such a staple in that town and was always such a fun treat! When I was pregnant w/ Abby, I craved their rainbow sprinkled donuts and a friend even over-nighted some to me at one point! It was heavenly!

What fun fall activities- and all the pumpkins turned out great!

Jean said...

Yay! What a fun, festive, pumpkin-y weekend! Those donuts look giant and crazy-delicious. We're always looking for good donut shops, but we usually just go to Pronto. :-) Your family gatherings always look like so much fun, because there are so many people!

Very cute pictures!! I like Owen's expression there, too. Haha!

Joe and Marci said...

You're right, the pumpkins do make for a cute background! I love Owen's hats, he is so cool, and I love Lucy's clips. You are such a great mom. Hope you guys have a great Halloween!!

Super Kate said...

I am so in love with Owen's hats. They are the cutest things ever!!!! I can't wait to see what Halloween costumes you pull out of of your hat.

The Hyer Family said...

Isn't Donut Man here in Glendora??? We've gotten donuts there before (it's right next to the escrow company that took care of our house!...at least if I remember correctly...) I saw the sign and was like, "that's 5 minutes from our house!) Did you like the donuts? I remember us thinking they weren't great...maybe our selection was poor...

Kim & Rich said...

looks like a terrific weekend. Richard loves "pink box" donuts. i think those ones would fit the bill. owen is darling in all those hats. btw--if you have leaf clips left, I would LOVE to purchase some. I love the fall and if the only way I can experience it here in Cali is through Sarah's hair, so be it! Let me know!

Nicole said...

I just Love every one of these pictures. The kids look so cute and the pumpkins, dinner and family is all so festive. Love it! What a great weekend!!! I just love October, it starts the holiday season off with a BANG!

Saunja said...

Lucy with her finished jack-o-lantern is adorable. And the drinks at In-n-Out are really funny. I love Owen's expression when he's sitting on the pumpkins. And Lucy is so dang cute!

The Facks of Life said...

Lucy is seriously so cute. And to me, she looks just like you. I'm loving Owen's hat. If only he had an english accent. :) While looking through your pics. I just realized how long your hair is getting. WOW! It grows fast. Super cute pictures. You guys have so much fun!

*thanks for the family photo.

teresa and the boys said...

You take great pictures, Dana. I need some lessons, obviously. I'm sure it helps that you have cute subjects! I love Owen's hat -- and the pumpkin pictures are great!

Erica said...

Yummy donuts!! We'll have to check them out sometime. BTW, I love the shirt Lucy is wearing in the first pictures, so cute!

Grayson Family said...

Looks like you guys had fun. I can't believe you made it out of the house by 8:30. Amazing.

On a side note, I loved how you said Ava went out to play with the Little People in the garage. Sounds like you keep dwarfs in cages for her amusement.

the bates motel said...

sounds like a fun sat/sun fest. those donuts were HUGE. we still haven't hit up the pumpkin patch. good luck w/ the hallo costumes. your recipes sound super yummy too :)!

Suman Family said...

Ha ha - i'm laughing at heather's comment.

and yummy! i want some donuts. that sounds sooo good right now. it looks like such a fun halloween/fall weekend. glad you came down on sunday. i have to steal some pics from you. you've got some good ones in there.

owen and lucy look so cute at kidspace. i love owen's hat!

see you on friday! can't wait to see the costumes - i am sure they'll be awesome.

La La Land said...

Those donuts look SO good! Alice has been sporting leaf clips all month, too! SO cute!

Sara said...

your kids are too cute. Seriously- love Owen's little hat and love Lucy's cute hair! Fun weekend!