I love color. Our front room is red. Our bedroom is blue. I went through a green stage this summer and couldn't get enough of it, as evidenced here.
So, inspired by this post from my cousin Teresa, I decided to start gathering my favorite orange items from around the house. It started out as a bright summery-orange post. But I'm just now getting around to posting it so I guess orange works for Fall too.

Here are my favorite orange things in our house.

Beautiful flowers left on our doorstep with the following note, "hope you feel better Lucy, from the Hunts." Lucy had been sick for days in the summer. These were a bright spot in that week:
Lucy's Elmo toothbrush. The girl loves to brush:
The nightstand in the kid's room. I bought it years ago at the Salvation Army. When I was single, it was olive green. When Lucy was born, it turned pink. Now it sits orange and neutral for both kids:
Owen's crib bedding. Dots. I can't live without them!
Lucy's sippy cups. I spent months finding the right cup that she'd drink out of. Who knew they'd be the cheap throw-away version for $3 at Target?
Flowers that Casey brought home one day. Surprises are fun:
Orange skirt bought in Paris during the incredible European summer sales. I love this skirt but still have never found the right shirt for it. I think it's time to make one.
Custom-made quirky pig for Lucy's bed. Created by Flaky Friends. All their stuffed-animals are amazingly adorable:
Small bowls I bought at Crate and Barrel 6 years ago. They have been my favorite bowls to-date (I have red and lime green colors too). Made of heavy plastic, they're the perfect size for cereal in the morning and ice cream at night. I use them daily:
And of course, small orange pumpkins. The perfect size for perfect little hands:
What color do you love?


Jean said...

Yay orange!! You have the quite the collection of orange fundries in your home. It adds a nice touch of pizzazz to everyday items!! (Haha, did I really just use the word "pizzazz"?)

La La Land said...

Love this post! I love orange, too. I just bought a beautiful orange patent leather purse.

Allison Hansen said...

I love orange! My entire kitchen is orange (but I promise it isn't tacky). Orange striped kitchen towels, all of my mixing spoons and spatulas and tongs are orange. I even have orange pots and pans and a tea pot! It is just so happy and fresh!