Oh what do you do in the Autumn time?

When most of your world is hot?

1. Spend an afternoon playing on toys at the mall:
I did not encourage the Pioneer's Next Top Model pose. This was all her: 2. Wilt under the heat. This was my pumpkin the morning after we carved them. Okay, it was mostly bad infrastructure, but I'd like to think the 95 degree temperature had something to do with it:
3. Try going to the park in the morning when it's still sort of cool:
Lucy found a great dog to play with:And Owen learned to jump through hoops. I was semi-responsible enough to put my camera down when he actually tumbled through head-first.
4. Turn on the sprinklers and run around with friends! (on October 28th) Here are big Owen and Paige:
Lucy and Grace acted like perfect girls and decided not to get wet but just enjoyed being in their bathing suits....and eating Otter Pops:
Impossible to get everyone looking at the same time. Big Owen's smile here is too great:
Little Owen had fun crawling around:
Megan, her boys, and big Owen:
Sherri and Eliza:
Karla had a fabulous idea to put Oats in a bucket and let the kids play. Lucy and Caden thought it was great fun:
To me this picture says, "don't ever make me play with little girl toys ever again."
5. Go to the library for Story Time. Here are: Chloe dressed as Alice in Wonderland, Lucy in her normal clothes that actually match well with the Alice costume, and June as the cutest little black cat:
Good friends, reading books:
6. Spend time hanging out with your pumpkin. Lucy finished off the evening watching TV with her tiny Jack 'O Lantern. Too bad he's all moldy now. Time to hit the trash little guy:


the bates motel said...

yeah i don't think we know what autumn is still. but i'm hoping...... cute pics of the kids. looks like you guys are still having fun w/ that 95 degree heat! bring on FREEZING weather or even just cool! please!

Super Kate said...

You are so cute in your braids, i love that picture of you. Also loving the back of the two girls, that lighting is beautiful.

Jean said...

Hooray for autumn fun!! I love the picture of Lucy clutching her little pumpkin. :-)

Jessica said...

Okay, who is the creepy guy looking at Lucy in the mall pic??! Did he even bring any kids to the playground?? Ick!!

Saunja said...

Sad about your cute cage pumpkin! I can't believe it's still so hot there. One of these days it's gotta cool down.

Nicole said...

Lucy looks so grown up in that last picture. Owen's look on do not let me play with girl toys again is classic and your poor pumpkin!! I am sorry it has been so warm. I hope it cools down really soon for you guys I mean we are almost into Nov, in one day!! Happy Halloween guys, can't wait to see the costumes!

megan said...

at least you are still trying to have fun despite the heat. I just took caden outside for school and it has been raining...bliss! I just wish it would rain some more this morning so I could actually run around in it :-) and your pics are cute!! I feel bad for your pumpkin though! he lived a short life