We beat the heat!

Today the weather is cloudy, cool, and in the high 60s! Perfect for staying inside and watching General Conference. Yep, we weaklings made it through the heat. We spent our days:
* at various shopping malls
* playing in our cold living room
* driving in our cold car
* NOT doing our hair. Who wants to use a blowdryer when you just took a cold shower at 8am?
* And eating In-N-Out with Doris, Sammy, and Hannah! Of course, any weather is great for that.Today I'm working some pants for Lucy! We're finally ready for our Fall-time attire.


Jean said...

I KNOW! I am loving this weather! FINALLY! (Although I hear it's going back into the 80's next week... boo!)

Saunja said...

Yay! I'm so glad it's starting to feel like fall there!