2-Part post (ebay is funny; g diapers are, interesting)

I like ebay. I've sold many things on there, I've bought many things on there. I no longer have to go to garage sales cause I can find all my deals online!

So this week, I'm selling: g Diapers. gdiaper.jpgHave you heard of these? They're like the modern cloth diapers....environmentally friendly, yet disposable. Basically, you have "little g pants" with a plastic liner inside, then you put a disposable pad inside that. And there's your diaper. When the pad is used up, you just flush it down the toilet! (or you can throw it away) and load the next one into the little g pants.

I really liked the idea/concept. Especially when I learned that it takes hundreds of years for normal disposable diapers to biodegrade (although, since disposables haven't been around for hundreds of years, I'm skeptical of those numbers). But still, I do worry about environmental impacts. I'm no granola, but dumping masses of dirty diapers into landfills just can't be good for the world. So, I decided to try out the g Diapers. Cost wise, they're about double what I pay for Target diapers (yikes). But I picked up a starter kit at Wild Oats for $22. Comes with 2 pants and 10 disposable pads.

And....the diapers work pretty well. Plus, the little g pants come in really cute colors. It was nice to double-up the pads at night too since Lucy normally seems to leak out while she sleeps. But, the downside I've decided, is that the diapers are really bulky. It gives Lucy a total bubble-butt! Her clothes don't fit right over them. I'm sure this was the same with cloth diapers when we were kids. But once you're used to how small and compact disposables are, it's hard to change Lucy's wardrobe to accommodate bubble butt. gdiaper2.jpgSo basically, I'm here to report that I'm choosing fashion over the environment. Sadly, it's true.

Which leads me back to.....ebay and why I find it funny. So I bought the diaper starter kit for $22 at Wild Oats Market. You can also buy it directly from gdiapers for $24.99. I used up 5 of the 10 pads, and I used one of the g pants a few times and then washed them. Basically these are used goods. So I posted the remnants of my starter kit on ebay for $9.99, and a week later, it's now up to $25! Check it out HERE. This is why I find ebay to be funny. Why are people willing to pay MORE money for a used, 1/2 full kit when they can just go to the store and buy a brand new one for less?! I'm not complaining. Believe me, it's awesome! But some people make me shake my head.

Bottom line: Go ebay. And Go g Diapers. If you don't mind the bulkiness, I think they're a great idea.gdiaper3.jpg

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