Things About: Me

Okay, I've been tagged. So here I am to share some details about my life.....stuff you may not know, stuff you may not care about, and stuff that makes me hungry.
I've combined three different lists of questions that have been floating around.
So read what you'd like:

If i wasn't online right now I'd be...

working on the mounds of sewing projects that have piled up, at the Mall toys with Lucy, balancing our checkbook, working on our filing project (actually that's almost done!), or at Target!

My favorite foods...
melted cheese: grilled cheese, pizza, cheesy casserole. And ice cream. I got a dairy thing going on.
I also love broccoli, asparagus, salad, oranges, rice pudding, and strawberries. Oh, and canjun shrimp boil is reallll yummy.

What I always order...
woah, this could get detailed.
- In N Out: #2, no onions no spread, ketchup and mustard instead
- Chipotle: small quesadilla, 1 hard-shelled taco a la carte with rice and barbacoa, side of rice, and a small drink (diet coke with a little dr. pepper and a lemon)
- Titos: 2 tacos with cheese, lots of salsa
- Wahoos: #1, charbroiled chicken taco with black beans (and no drink. They carry Pepsi, not Coke)

- Del Taco: small red burrito, spicy jack quesadilla, small drink
Okay, I'll stop

Dessert of choice...
Fresh peach cobbler with Breyers vanilla ice cream

Four jobs I have had in my life:
1. Kitchen Assistant at the BYU Morris Center (made vats of scrambled eggs at 6am. mmm)
2. Tape Operator for KBYU Blue&White Sports Network (I ran the instant replays for football and honestly had no idea how the game worked.)
3. Personal Assistant to Juliette Lewis (cuckoo)
4. Universal Pictures Executive Assistant in Story Development

Four movies I could watch over and over:
1. Back to the Future (parts I and II)
2. Ferris Bueller
3. Liar Liar
4. Ghostbusters or Groundhog Day (it's a toss-up)

Four places I have lived:
1. Santa Ana, CA
2. Provah!, Utah
3. LA, CA
4. Pasadena, CA

Four television shows I watch:
1. A myriad of Food Network programs
2. Friday Night Lights
3. Family Guy
4. 24 and LOST (both have had love/hate relationships with me this season...although 24 has jumped the shark)

5. The Office!

6. 30 Rock (0kay, I know that's more than 4. But who doesn't have more than 4 shows?)

Four places I have gone on vacation:
1. Peidras Negras, Guatemala
2. Cancun and San Felipe, Mexico
3. Caye Caulker, Belize
4. Europe (Belgium, Paris, London, Netherlands)

Four websites I visit almost daily:
1. Gmail
2. Blogs - my own and my friends
3. Youtube
4. CNN

5 Things you may not know about me:

I love to dance, sing, perform on stage, act silly, and make little movies.
I performed with a comedy improv group in Santa Monica for a year, while I was single.

2. I secretly wish I could be on American Idol...but I'm too old (haah, like that's my only excuse).

3. I once asked my mom what county we were from....um...Orange, County, the OC. That was just a couple years ago. (there are more details to the story. I'm only partially idiotic)

4. I'm very patriotic and always dreamed of having a red, white, and blue wedding dress for my reception. But since we got married in October, it didn't happen. Casey was relieved.

5. I was once asked to slow-dance by a 14 year old boy, while chaperoning a youth dance. I accepted the dance, but warned him that I was a little older than he thought. When he asked if I was in college, I didn't have the heart to tell him I had graduated from BYU...4 years before then.
Everyone thinks I'm 12, but really, I'm 30.

And there you have it folks. Things about me.
I guess now I tag the next victim who will share some fun info....so...Rachael and Laura....you're both it!
And for Heather, here's a pic of me with the curly hair. This was at the Monrovia Street Fair a couple weeks ago. It's so fun! You gotta go (every Friday night)fair.jpg

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