sick baby

It honestly seems that every two weeks, Lucy gets sick. I guess playing on the toys at the mall is her worst germ enemy. She woke up this morning acting really whiny. We gave her breakfast, and she was still whining. So we put her back to bed. She woke a few hours later bawling and her body was roasting hot. So I gave her some tylenol and basically we spent the rest of the day sitting on the couch together watching Baby Eintstein, taking naps (she took 4), watching more tv, drinking milk, and you know, not doing much of anything. She constantly wanted to be held, so it was nice having Casey here for a hand-off. Sick babies are definitely a family affair.

We all get to endure the fun. I guess this is just how life is with small children.lucy-sick3.jpglucy-sick2.jpg
See if you can find Lucy among the messy front room (I guess I did get some laundry done today). She looks so old sitting up on the couch, watching TV. And here she is with dad. Chilling, watching Lord of the Rings. Hallelujah that she is now in bed.lucy-sick.jpg

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