Lots of Flowers! Happy Mother's Day

Well, this marks the second year I was able to stand up in church for being a bona fide mom (and not just for being a woman over 18 years old....although I never mind getting free stuff). Our ward gave out huge Hersheys Bars. They've figured out that what we women love most is chocolate (or food).

flowers1.jpgflowers2.jpgBut of course, I love flowers too. And since Lucy's too young to make me Breakfast In Bed (although Casey did offer)....my sweet husband treated me real nice by buying me tons of flowers! He went to my favorite flower stop: Trader Joes and bought me three bundles of flowers. So I had tons of fun arranging and filling our house with pretty flowers. I had enough for the front room, on top of the piano, and even our bedroom. Thanks honey!flowers3.jpg

And even though we were running late for church, I thought Lucy and I should take a Mother's Day picture. We took 4 shots, and each one of them turned out the same: Lucy with a worried look on her face. Oh well, it must have been a worrisome Mother's Day.flowers41.jpg

We spent the evening at The Willard's house in Simi Valley with Casey's parents and his brother and sister-in-law, Chad and Lauren. We had a nice dinner (eating outside under their gazebo, which I love), had YUMMY chocolate coconut cake (compliments of Lauren), and celebrated Linda's birthday as well by watching her open fun presents! It was a nice relaxing evening. Lucy was still feeling sick and only wanted to be held. So that was a bummer. I just hope this fever passes soon. She woke up this morning still feeling hot. But after a kick of tylenol, she was found doing this in our bedroom closet. She may be on the road to recovery!?flowers5.jpg

So Happy Mother's Day to all you moms out there....especially the new-timers. Welcome to motherhood! I love it!

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