Monrovia Street Fair

The perfect way to spend a warm friday evening?... eating bbq pork sandwiches and walking the Monrovia street fair! It happens every Friday night, right off Myrtle street, and I only just NOW found out about it! What a hidden gem. The fair is a fun mix of Farmer's Market produce, yummy grilled food, live music, petting zoo and rides for the kids, and all the trinkets you'd never need to buy. The street was pretty packed with people, which made it fun. But since Lucy prefers to walk where she wants to walk (and doesn't notice the people around her)...I noticed a few adults quickly jumping out of her way.
Casey and I had some yummy bbq sandwiches and listened to the live music, while Lucy walked around shaking her bowl of cheerios. Then we walked the street, bought some strawberries, ran into friends, and of course, scored some Kettle Corn on our way out (um, all we did was eat?! It sure sounds like it).

If you've never been to Monrovia, you gotta go! It's next door to Pasadena, and oh-so fun. Of course, I'm sure there's a local Street Fair happening near you. Check your local listings! (?)

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