The Park

slide-2.jpgLucy on the slide Casey's work had "Hall and Partners Playgroup" on Saturday at Griffith park. We got together with 6 other co-workers and their families. It was so nice to meet the spouses and the little kids! And I had no idea there was such a great park right there in the middle of HUGE Griffith Park. To find it, go past the Zoo, and follow the signs to the Merry-Go-Round (didn't know that was there too). Go to the 3rd parking lot, to Shane's Inspiration! There are tons of park toys. We took Lucy down the slide a few times. We tried to get her to go down on her bum. But she decided that sliding on her stomach was easier. Of course her favorite is the swing. It was a hot item, and we actually had to wait in line. But once she was swinging, she did NOT want to get off. We tried taking her out, and she bawled, so we put her back in for another 10 minutes. Here she is, swingin away.on the swingon the swing2

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