SpongeBob Birthday

Jeremy, our nephew, turned 5 at the end of April. So my sister Camille threw him a totally fun SpongeBob Squarepants Birthday party with all of his friends on Saturday. Since I'm not familiar with the show (yet, that is. Give me 2 more years) I was totally confused by the sign at the front door that pointed to "Bikini Bottom! this way!". But once in the backyard, I quickly soaked up all the SpongeBob lingo.

In the backyard, Camille had made the most adorable props and scenery. There was a "Snack Bar" that looked like a bamboo hut (where Eric, Laura, and Meredith spent most of the day making snowcones and cotton candy for the kids. I think the record was 6 cotton candy sticks for one kid. Yikes). There were cute cardboard cutouts you could stick your head through and take a picture (of course I had to do it too). dana1.jpg
There was tons of good food (thanks mother Cindy).
And just what the kids always love...a jump house. It was so much fun to see the little kids running around and having a great time.



They even played along with the "cakewalk" game (prob since they all won prizes). The spongebob music was a nice touch. And the adults seemed to be enjoying the chitchat with each other. I spent most of the afternoon taking pictures of everything, which was fun. And my favorite pic of the day was the little blond girl who just loved her cotton candy, despite her missing teeth. So perfect. party5.jpg

Great party Camille!

The best part for me....I didn't have to worry about anyone but myself the whole day! (how selfish, I know). Casey's guy friends were shooting a film at his parent's house in Simi Valley that day, so he needed to be there for it. So...he took Lucy along with him! Woohoo. Freedom for a day. It was a nice break after a long week of Lucy being sick. Today, however, she's been a doll. Back to her normal self: smiles, laughing, toddling around the house. It is such a relief.

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