The Hair CAN Go Straight

Some of you know me as Dana with long-hair, some of you just recently met the Dana with short-hair. Personally, I consider myself a short-hair person (but I think I'm growing it out again!)

Anyway, it wasn't until I gave birth to Lucy that we found out...my hair is totally curly! That is a Dana I'd never met. But it's been pretty fun. What straight-haired person hasn't wanted curly hair?? Of course, the grass is always greener, and once my hair was curly, I missed being able to style it straight. Until today! Because I was able to do it! (and without a flat iron). I'm not a high-maintenace person, so if straightening my hair involves a flat iron, forget it. But my hair has grown a little and so today I was able to do it with just a round-brush. Ahhh.

I'm still gonna be a curly head. But it was nice to spend the whole day without any goopy product in my hair. Here's a picture of the 'do...and the very yellow bathroom we shower in (yellow from the paint, that is).

I know this is more than you ever wanted to know about my hair. Thanks for reading. And hey, one of these days I'll post pics of the "many hairstyles of Dana." I'll even include the 80s. I'm sure my cousin Kam could beat me on that on though. straight-hair.jpg

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