little help?

Lucy loves to play outside. The moment she hears me open the door, I hear her come running. She has very simple pleasures and mostly just crawls up and down the backyard steps, playing with the leaves. This can entertain her for a good 45 minutes. It's genius.

I peek my head out the door every few minutes to check on her. Usually I can tell she's fine because I hear her funny baby talk through the kitchen window. Yesterday morning, however, she decided to play on the stairs in the front (which is new territory for her). She was all fine and dandy until I heard her whining. It wasn't a cry, but more like....uhhhh.....mommm.... ? I went out to see what was wrong, and discovered...she was stuck, smashed between a huge bush and the stairs. She must have climbed off the path and into the bushes. It kinda made me laugh (for a moment) and then I pulled her out. All was well. She went on playing.

But here's what she looked like. (Photos are reinactments. Am I a cruel mother? It was only for 2 seconds)


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