Back to Normal

I haven't felt like myself for a couple weeks now. And while I still don't feel "normal"...the future looks bright. I think our family is finally on the mend. Lucy was sick all last week (the Walmart/croup episode) and just when I thought she was getting better, she took a turn for the worse on Friday and we were ready to head back to the doctor. She actually laid down on the couch in the morning with a pillow and blanket. She looked like a big kid, taking it easy:
But then miraculously after a 4 hour nap on Friday afternoon, she woke up in smiles and spent the afternoon playing with toys. I guess a little R&R is good for any sickness. Here's the return of Happy Lucy:
Most of Lucy's sick days were spent down in Orange County at my parent's house. Casey was on a campout with the scouts. So we hung out with the family AND...my sisters, cousins, mom, and aunt threw me a baby celebration dinner. We went to our favorite Don Jose' in Huntington Beach and ate yummy melty cheese enchiladas. Mmmm. Camille blew up a bunch of balloons (which she tied to my chair), Laura brought Marie Callendars Pies for dessert, and Camille also brought some vanilla ice cream (which she asked our server to stash in their freezer for us till dinner was over. How great!)
We had a fun time eating and chatting. They were more than gracious and gave me the cutest gifts....baby boy clothes, Rachael's homemade blanket, and.....a swing! Surprisingly, that's the only thing we did not buy with Lucy. So it will be a nice addition (to our already crowded apartment.)
While we were down there, Jeremy got to go to Disneyland's Halloween Extravaganza. Camille says it was basically a really expensive trick-or-treat. But the kids had tons of fun. And he looked so cute in his Obi-Won costume. Even his hair was styled properly.
With my cousin Rachael in town, I scored and got my hair done. Blond again! (maybe that's why I'm starting to feel like my normal self). My sister Meredith got her's done at the same time. And three of us had fun watching Liar Liar (on my Top 10 List), eating Golden Spoon Yogurt, and sitting with bleached foils in our hair. It felt like I was in college again, just hanging out in the garage watching movies with friends. Thanks Rachael! I love the results!
Sadly, I finally got what Lucy had last week and yesterday it hit me the hardest. It felt like a brick was weighing on my chest. It hurt to cough, to swallow, and to talk. I really empathized with Lucy's mood of last week. But I got some good sleep last night and slept with the humidifier on, and this morning I woke up feeling much better. I'm still not 100%, but I have more energy and my chest doesn't hurt.
And Casey's allergies have been haunting him for a couple weeks now. But hopefully that's improving as well. You were all so sweet, wishing us a happy Anniversary and hoping we did something fun to celebrate. But we mostly just laid on the couch, feeling sick, and went to bed early. How romantic! Casey did buy me some beautiful flowers though and mini cookie (ice cream-ish) scooper.
I think by the weekend, the whole family will be back to normal. Woohoo! I can't wait!

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Nicole Willard said...

You look so pretty pregnant! I love the blond back...going back to blond always makes me feel like myself again, no matter what color I change to. You look great!

I am so sorry you guys have been sick. That is no fun & it is so draining and hard & I am sure you probably go stir crazy being in the house all day. I know I do!!! Being pregnant & sick is not fun either, no medicine for instant relief.

I am glad you had a baby celebration. Yeah, I can't wait to see all the cute little boy clothes. We are patiently awaiting the little guys arrival.