Tomorrow is Friday....

.....which means, time for our favorite show!
Now family (who are sick of hearing about this), just hear me out on one quote and a short comment before you stop reading my post.
Friday Night Lights is one of the best shows on television, yet it's on the brink of being canceled because not enough people are tuning in.

A quote from the Sports Guy on espn.com, a truly entertaining writer who writes about more than just sports re: FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS:
"Look, if FNL doesn't make it, we're just going to get more Grey's Anatomy spin-offs, a CSI for every city and 20 Deal or No Deal clones. Hollywood doesn't like to take chances, and it doesn't like to fail; it figures out what works, bleeds it to death, then flips the corpse and bleeds it some more.
Despite what I might have said in the past about jumping on team bandwagons, you shouldn't feel guilty about jumping on this one. Quite simply, FNL is the best date show ever, an improbable cross between The O.C. and every sports show you ever wanted Hollywood to make. It's the first show my wife and I have loved equally, but for different reasons. What can be better than that?"

And I couldn't agree more. What makes FNL so great is that it appeals to men and women. If you know me, you know that I really know nothing about football (which is embarrassing, considering I ran all the instant replays for Cougar Sports)...but...you don't have to be into sports to like this show. The show is more about the people and their lives and living in their community. And the writing is really believable. The story lines are great, cool music, and honestly, the coach and his wife are some of the best actors on TV right now.
Okay, okay, I know you're sick of me talking about Friday Night Lights. If you've gotten this far in my post, then thank you for reading.
But most importantly....it's not too late to tune in! You can start cold turkey this season by just watching and kinda figure out what you missed last season. And you can always watch old episodes from Season 1 online (or rent the DVDs).
Starts THIS Friday 10/5

Come on, what else do you really have going on Friday Nights? And you can't say it's "America's Next Top Model" because I just won't believe it.
Dana, out.
Sorry, that was retarded.


saunja said...

What else do we have to do on a Friday Night? WELL, we're going to our own real Friday Night Lights, of COURSE! Homecoming game tonight! I am recording the show tonight and we will give it a try! Thanks. :)

dana said...

Yes, you are definitely the exception. Anyone living in Texas SHOULD have real Friday Night Lights to attend. How fun!
I'm glad you're giving the show a try. It make take a few episodes to get into it.

Suman Family said...

You'll be happy to know that we set up our DVR to record FNL last night, BEFORE I read your post. We are giving it a go. We saw a few episodes last season too so I hope we aren't in the dark too much.

lettieb said...

I don't know that we will be watching, but as Nate promised Brett, we will be giving the show at least "20,000" viewers.
We have the first season on hold at the library so that we can start from the beginning and see if we like it. I just hate adding another show to watch...

dana said...

Yay Laura and Eric! I'm very impressed and glad that you're watching.
And Collette...we are thrilled that a Nielsen family is tuning in. America appreciates it.

Jared & Jen Christensen said...

So you probably don't even remember me, but I am a friend of Sara's (your sister in law) and I met you at her bridal shower and her wedding. Anyway, I came across your blog and I have to say I'm ridiculously passionate about Friday Night Lights too. I'm so glad someone else is proactively trying to get the word out!