Conference Weekend

General Conference weekend is always a nice time to sit back, relax, and feel okay about being a couch potato. We love having Direct TV because we get the kbyu channel and can tivo it right in our home. This was the first conference, however, that Lucy has been so mobile. So we probably only watched 1/2 of what we could have and will have to spend some months catching up on the rest.
The Saturday started off with some pre-conference activities (no, not thoughtful preparation)...but Splinter Cell and donuts! Casey got a few rounds of a video game in, and Lucy sat close-by to watch. She really likes to be doing what dad's doing. Then we all got dressed and walked to Vons for some yummy donuts (they really were yummy). We finally became responsible and when we got back home, turned on Conference. Even Lucy joined in. She sat right down in her little black chair and attentively watched President Hinckley speak. It was so cute (and only lasted about 5 minutes):
Casey had to work on a school project in the afternoon and then had Priesthood Session that night, so Lucy and I spent most of the day playing in the backyard. We got her some cheap bead necklaces from the dollar section at Target and she LOVES them. She hardly wants to take them off:
Normally on Conference Sunday, we go down to my parent's house to hang out for the day. But my parents and Meredith decided to go to Utah this year and attend a real session at the Conf. Center. So we thought it would be fun to have the siblings up here for dinner. Our place feels tiny with lots of visitors, but it only made it more fun! We hung out, played games, watched silly things on TV, had stroganoff and fresh bread, played outside, and tried to annoy the men by asking them to pause for picture-taking.
Eric and Ava. She is such an adorable little girl:
The women in the kitchen (thank you Camille and Laura for doing all the dishes!). Lucy was more than ready for bed by this point. Her face says it all.
And here's the whole gang:
Jeremy had fun playing outback in our toy car. He was a little big for it, so his legs looked super funny. Even if you don't know him, you should watch this little video (30 seconds long). Casey and I thought it looked funnier with added music:

And for dessert, we baked fresh chocolate chip cookies and put ice cream on top. It was just as yummy as BJs Pazookie (thanks to Camille's yummy cookie dough). Here's what the famous cookies look like. In our family we call the recipe, Eric's Choc. Chip Cookies (I guess because he used to make them a lot?) I'm going to start a Recipe Blog soon, so look out for this recipe! You'll love it.
And that's our Conference weekend recap. We enjoyed the wonderful talks and all the meaningful messages shared. There are always a few talks that really catch my attention and I look forward to reading them again in the Ensign. We hope you had a nice weekend too!


Nicole Willard said...

What a nice conference weekend. We enjoyed ours too, I love Conference weekend. Grandpa & grandma came over so we only heard the 1st half of the morning session. Than my parents came over & we hear half of the afternoon session. I agree thank goodness for the Ensign & TIVO!!

the bates motel said...

sounds like you guys had a fun weekend! i love the vid of jeremy in the car. too funny. i also can't wait for your recipe blog. i have a good dinner i've been meaning to post for the past week. hmmm maybe i should post it now......

dietcokegrrl said...

It's always nice to make conference weekend special and make it a big deal so that the kids look forward to it. Mine are obviously still too young to get it, but I want to start the tradition now.

That video made me laugh!! And I can't wait for the recipe blog--those cookies sound yummy and we all know that I have a weakness for cookies...well, any type of sweets.

Darci said...

Conference was great! It looks like you had a great time. Conference is a great time to relax and be together and most importantly to be uplifted!

Tim & Jean said...

It sounds like you had a lovely Conference weekend!! I wish we got BYU TV too, but I guess it helps that we have to watch it online in the office, because we don't fall asleep as easily.

And those cookies look delectable!! I am eagerly awaiting the recipe blog. :-)