Full Moon

It must be a full moon out, because today was kinda weird. I really don't mean for my blog to be a complaining session, but I really feel like our family is going through some strange funk. We seem to be passing the sickness baton. Lucy, who was an happy angel this whole week (while I felt horrible) woke up this morning completely whiny. She was awake for a 1/2 hour, complaining about everything when finally I just put her back to bed, cause I couldn't figure out anything else to do....and she slept till noon! (4 hours!) To sum up the rest of the day, she took another nap in the afternoon, had a fever, and we watched about 4 hours of Elmo while she sat on my lap. Is it really possible that she's sick again???! I think I'm going insane.
There were a few gems of fun in our day, however. She finally took some Tylenol and felt a little better, so we had lunch at Chipotle. Yum Yum. She loves their salsa and quesadillas. AND there's her favorite fountain outside, which she loves to run around. If you've never seen her little walk/run, this video captures it perfectly. It really makes me laugh. She expends so much energy bobbing up and down and doesn't get too far, but it's really cute. The last 5 seconds are the best:

After lunch we went over to KidSpace Museum where they had a huge Halloween Festival going on. Lucy still wasn't herself, so we held her most of the time. But she loved the tons of pumpkins:
And tried to pick most of them up:
I look retarded. But this was the best family shot we could get:
After the pumpkin fun, Lucy took her afternoon nap and then we got ready for the ward Trunk or Treat. I decided that Lucy's costume this year would be something she LOVES. So, she was a Strawberry! It's her favorite food (aside from milk, but that's more of a beverage). She looks really cute in the costume but because she wasn't in the best of moods, I didn't even attempt stuffing it. So, she was a deflated (and sour) Strawberry tonight, but she still looked cute.
Here are our friends the Ragozinnes. Wendi, Peter, and little Tinkerbell. Cute costumes Sarah!
And this picture captures the real mood of our day. This is how Lucy looked (and must have felt) most of the day. We didn't stay long at the activity.
But we did stop at Marie Callender's on the way home for one of their famous Razzleberry pies. We'll be sharing that with Casey's parents tomorrow night!
Hopefully Lucy will be in better spirits this week and I can get some better shots of our little Strawberry girl. And hopefully no more viruses follow us home!


Nicole Willard said...

I don't think I have ever seen a cuter Strawberry!!! I just want to eat her myself!! She is getting so grown up and so cute!! Her hair is getting longer too, fun!

Suman Family said...

you got some good pics and video despite lucy being down and out. i hope she's not sick again. this time of the year must be hard. maybe allergies, mold, or something? yum, chipotle sounds good today. everything out sounds good on sundays. great job on her costume. you're so crafty. oh, and i love that she kept trying to pick up the pumpkins - so rad. we went to our trunk or treat last night too and i'll be posting a crying picture as well - funny that they can be bawling and still look pretty cute!

Southwick Family said...

I love the little strawberry outfit... did you make it? That is so great! So darling. Every Halloween I wish I knew how to sew better! I love reading your blog for many reasons, but some are: seeing updated pics of the fam, remembering how good california mexican food tastes, and missing having your creativity around! I hope that you are all feeling better soon!

Sara said...

RAD costume! I hope everyone is feeling better! We're excited to see you guys in a couple of days!

dana said...

Thanks Kristen, you are so sweet.
Yes, I did make the costume. It just seems more fun to do it that way. And actually, when I envisioned it, I was making it much more difficult than it needed to be. But then I saw a "Martha" episode where she showed how to make a pumpkin outfit out of a pillowcase and I realized...ah! That's how I should do it!