Fun Friday

I didn't get much done today, but we sure had a lot of fun!
A few days ago, I was certain Lucy had turned into a monster and that my life was over. She cried and whined at the slightest touch, she got frustrated with her toys and kicked them away, she hated the car, and she only wanted to watch TV. At one moment I looked over and she was eating her favorite cheerios, while watching TV...all the stars were aligned...and yet, she was still whining. Here's what she looked like most of the day:
And then miraculously, the next day she was totally happy and back to normal. I guess I'll just chalk it up to teething...that's always the best excuse.
So today, we started off the morning by going to the zoo with some friends in Glendale. We bought an annual Zoo pass a year ago and it expires in a month, so it was time to use it up. I have to be honest, the LA Zoo isn't that great. Most of it is under construction and the animals that are there are well, kinda boring. But it's a nice way to get out of the house and hang out with other friends. So that's what we did! The last time Lucy and I had been, she was in the baby bjorn and not walking yet. So I was curious how she was going to do. But she was great! She stayed in the stroller part of the time, ran around part of the time, and climbed on every rock and sidewalk curb that she could. I think she liked that better than the animals.
Here she is entering the zoo, with her favorite rag in hand (which I snatched immediately after the picture and shoved in my purse. Por favor!) And of course, the famous Flamingos. I didn't mean to coordinate my outfit with the animal life.
My favorite animal today was the Koala. He was very lively for the daytime and we got to see him very up-close chomping on leaves.
Lucy loved the Elephant. She really came to life babbling at him as he sauntered around. She also enjoyed the zebras...if only she could climb in their cage. She got her face in as far as it would go:
We left to go home around 12:30pm and on the drive I could tell she was beat. Surely she was going to take a great nap. She fell asleep for the last minute of the drive and I carefully carried her into bed. She curled up and looked cozy. But 10 minutes later, I could hear her jumping up and down in the crib and laughing. This went on for 40 minutes, so I finally got her up. I guess there would be no nap today.
An hour later, Doris (dietcokegirl) and her two kids stopped by to pick up Twilight (woohoo). We had fun chatting for an hour while the kids ran around the house. Visitors are always great. Then an hour after that, Chloe came over while the Ragozzines went out for Date Night. So the girls and I played outside and jumped on the bed (they jumped, I watched). At one point, they both laid down on the bed and got real quiet and still. It was pretty funny.
And once Casey was home from work, both girls were changed and in their beds for the night. It's fun to play hard all day. And it sure makes for a good night's rest.
Perhaps tomorrow I'll be more productive.


Heather said...

Wait -- NO NAP???
What do you feed that child, Mountain Dew? Wow. We had a great afternoon chez nous and I made major headway on the costumes.
We had a great time with you yesterday -- please come play again sometime! It is productive time if our children are happy! (and bonus if we get to talk with other adults)

dana said...

I know! I honestly could not believe she was in her bedroom bouncing off the walls. I have no idea why she wasn't zonked out in the crib.
Thankfully she was happy and content the rest of the day, right until 7:10pm when we immediately put her to bed.
We had fun hanging with you guys too. We'll do it again! Your play group moms were great.

the bates motel said...

that sounds like a pretty productive day to me! fun that you went to the zoo. me and karis went on thurs it was fun times. cute pics of lucy and her little buddy. she's getting so big!

the bates motel said...

p.s. like the hallo background!

Suman Family said...

ah! i/ava have had some hard days lately too. must be something going around but i also say teething! anyways, i'm glad things have gotten back to normal and that you had a great day at the zoo. it really was a "fun friday"!

dietcokegrrl said...

LOVE the new background--cute cute!!

We had fun yesterday too and I loved the book! Thanks for letting me borrow it.