The Name Survey

Most of you got our email, but if there's anyone we missed we're pleased to announce the return of:
The Willard Baby Name Survey
If you'd like to participate here you go:
Click Here to take survey

Thank you for helping us gather valuable research. Your comments are appreciated.


lettieb said...

I took the survey and did add these comments when I did, so I will now. I clicked the "formal name into a nick name box" but wanted to expand on that. I think naming kids nick names is just fine and often works. Zeke's name felt TOO nicknamey so we named him Ezekiel. I love both names and he now has the option of being a more "grown up" name if he wants to be. Alexander on the other hand, I hope will never get shortened to Alex (not that I et to decide). So, I just wanted to clarify. Also, I loved the survey. What a fun idea. It is kind of nice to et a little feedback, huh? (Even if you ignore all the results!)

Nicole Willard said...

We took the survey too and we can not wait to hear the results, let a lone the final decision!!