Kidspace is always fun

Today was free night at Kidspace and since Rachael's in town we made it a family outing. Camille, Jeremy, Meredith, Laura, Ava, Rachael, Carter, and Savanna all came up to Pasadena. And since Mormons love free stuff, we saw tons of people from our ward there too! It felt like a ward activity.
We let the little kids play in the infant tumbling room for a while. And when Jeremy got there, we headed to the bikes. He loved them. And he took Lucy and Chloe around the track on his double-seater bike. They seriously looked like Mario Kart characters. It was too cute.
Chloe cracks me up in this picture. She would never look at me.
Carter rode around too:
Savanna chilled in her stroller:
Ava and Chloe played with water:
And we all watched...or...ran around chasing them.
There was the coolest human "Ant Hole". You started a level below and in the dark:
...and then crawled your way to the top just like ants. Jeremy was a little timid to try it at first. But Mere led the way.
After a successful arrival, he did it over and over again and loved it.
After a couple hours of play, we went to Souplantation for dinner. Our table was a circus but everything was yummy and we all made it home safely. Thanks everyone for coming up! We had a great time!


megan said...

I love that place! Forgot it was free day! looks like tons o fun!!!

teresa and the boys said...

What a fun place -- with a lot of fun people!

I'm diggin' the new backgroud!

Darci said...

What a fun day. How wonderful to have a great group to hang out with.
I love the souplantaions and miss it A TON.

Sara said...

looks like a fun place! For kids and adults

Nicole said...

Lucy looks super cute riding that bike with her helmet. I love that picture!!

dietcokegrrl said...

Gotta love going to Souplantation with a TON of adults and kids! Fun times!!

Suman Family said...

That was a fun day. Thanks for the great idea and for sharing your photos again!