The Carlsons came to visit

Last week my sister Saunja and her four kids came for a Spring Break visit. They live in Idaho, so we don't get to see them very often. It was a treat to have them here!
Sunday was Saunja's actual birthday so we were able to party with her, with all the Sunday night fixin's: Billiard's Tournament, crazy dancing, chit chatting, and yummy brownies and ice cream.
The birthday girl:
Me and Saunja. We've been told that we sound very much alike on the phone. Often my dad can't tell us apart:
For her present, I made this canvas with a stencil of her kids and their family motto. For more info, see my sewing blog here:
We gathered around the kitchen island,
sang a song,
enjoyed amaaaazing brownies WITH frosting and sprinkles on top (as they should be),
and took a bunch of pictures.....
Later that week, we headed back down to OC and spent the day in Newport Beach and Balboa Island. It was the PERFECT beach weather. Not too hot, not too cold.
Liesl, Saunja, and Lauren:
Liels was cute in her big Jackie O. glasses and was so helpful with all the little kids:
First we took a short ferry ride to "the island" (it's more like a peninsula). I have many memories of doing this as a child. And though it no longer costs 10 cents a ride, it was still a fun 10 minute outing.
Lucy and Gram:
Laura (holding Owen), Brinton, Liesl, Ava, Gram, Saunja, and Dane:
Lucy thought it was great fun riding on a "raft":
Owen loved it too, though I'm sure he wanted to climb overboard. I kept tight hold on him.
After the ferry ride, we walked to the beach area and played in the sand (and in the water, for some brave souls).
Lucy danced around in the new dress I made her:
And then she spent a hour building sandcastles.
I thought Owen was going to be difficult (charging into the water like Lucy did at his age). But he was rather content playing on the sand. He did discover the water eventually but once he took a nasty fall in the waves, he decided to play it safe for a while.
The water was pretty cold but still fun to wade in. Laura and Ava:
Cute/Funny/Crazy Dane:
Love the brother shot. Brinton and Dane:
We headed back to my parent's house afterward and finished the evening playing in the backyard:
And eating dinner at Wahoos (yummy chicken tacos, though I could still taste it the next morning):
We had a fun week hanging out with you guys! Glad you came down and got a break from the snow. We love you!


Saunja said...

FUN! Thanks for the great recap! I loved it. We had so much fun with all of you!

Jean said...

Beeeaaaauuuutiful pictures as always!!! What a great time with the fam!