You wanna bet?

No, we didn't actually do any betting but we did spend our afternoon at the Santa Anita Race Tracks. It was their semi-annual Family Day so we decided to do more neighborhood exploring and checked it out.
Sadly, Owen was sick with a fever. He slept all morning long and we figured, we could stay at home the rest of the day (with me holding him) or we could venture out while he chilled in the stroller. Sorry Owen.
Taking another one for the team:
Lucy, on the other hand, was lively with excitement. All she was interested in was: seeing horses and (more importantly) riding horses. Since it was family day, they had a $2 pony ride area. Perfect! Sadly though, we got there at 2:55, it closed at 3pm and there were 20 people already in line. So they wouldn't sell us a ticket. Lucy was practically in tears. Thankfully we appeased her by petting this horse instead:
And then we told her we could go see an actual horse race! She thought that sounded fun.
The tracks have an amazing view of the beautiful mountains:
We waited for the race to start:
(with my ghastly white legs)
These guys wrangled the horses to the starting gate for the jockeys:
Getting excited:
Getting fed-up:
and learning the ropes? I'd love to know what Casey was telling her.
And....they're off!
Not sure what what more fun: watching the horses come around the bend, hearing the cheer of the crowds, or that awesome race announcer (talking at 60 miles an hour.)
It was fun taking pictures but I have no idea who won.
We finished the outing at the playground in the center of the race track. What a fun idea! There were families everywhere with beach umbrellas and picnics (beer and candied apples).
And that was our trip! I've always wondered what goes on in that large green race track. Now I know. My conclusions:

* It's not as glamorous as the Seabiscuit days.
* It's actually kind of a trashy place. The people there aren't necessarily trashy (as Casey pointed out to me)...but the venue allows for people to be trashy: lots of beer drinking, smoking, a few men without shirts on, women with minimal shirts on, betting, etc.
* Horses are really beautiful.
* It's fun to yell and cheer at a race.
* All I really wanted to yell was, "Come on, Dover, move yer bloomin' arse!"

As for the rest of our day....
While Owen took another nap, Casey surprised us all by making a run to the grocery store and coming back with this:
and this:
Lucy of course wanted to help carry everything inside and place each tulip in its vase.
Casey showed her how to cut Pineapple:
and then he made this for dinner!
A great closer to a sunny California day.


Jean said...

What a fun activity! Those photos of the race should seriously be in a magazine. Nice!! Yay for Owen - he's a sport. It looks like there's lots of fun to be had at the track, although I'm not really surprised that it's a little trashy. It's like going to the boardwalk in NJ - it's great for families because of the carnival rides and what not, and it's nice and sunny, but it's kind of dirty and swarming with white-trash-types (hahaha).

That dinner looks SO yummy. Maybe we should come over some time for some of Casey's grilled kabobs... y'know, since he's our home teacher and all, and we'd be helping him out by giving him an opportunity to serve. (heh heh)

the bates motel said...

i think that sounds super fun! all the excitement of the race and good pic taking. poor o hope he's feeling better. carter is totally sick w/ a fever and cough. no fun!

Suman Family said...

fun day! the pics are great. so sad that lucy couldn't ride the ponies and that owen was sick but it looks like you made the most of it. yesterday was a beautiful day too. i love little family outings.

Nicole said...

Great pictures! What a fun day! I hope Owen is feeling better.

Sara said...

Yum. Pineapple. Mmmm. Looks like a fun day! Your family looks so cute in all of these pictures. Hope Owen feels better soon!

Nat said...

Wow, great pics of the races! Those are some hard shots to get...and I hope you don't mind that I totally "right-click-saved" them. :) I think we left probably right as you guys were coming in...dangit! And yes, pretty sure I've stepped in a few urine puddles while walking around the racetrack...oh well...

dietcokegrrl said...

Looks like a great time--and dinner looks so good too. Hope Owen is feeling better. Great pics, as always.

Saunja said...

That really looks like a lot of fun! And as everyone has noted... great pictures. Those tulips are gorgeous and yummy pineapple!

yo nance said...

Loved your comment that you didn't have a clue who won the race. Also loved your reference to My Fair Lady...Took me back to all the musicals I have seen and my family has been in. And...last comment...I have that same vase you used for your gorgeous tulips. The same wonderful person who gave it to me must have given one to you also.

Becky said...

I grew up right there and have never been to the track if you can believe it! We did do the Arboretum a lot as kids and the neighboring mall was my old stomping grounds...