OC Roadshows

Last Friday the kids and I went down to my parent's house to hang out with this fun guy (my nephew Jeremy):
And to witness months of my parent's Roadshow preparation come together:
If you've never been part of a roadshow before, here are the basics (or click on that link above).... it's a fun "play/stage show" that the youth in our church put on. Each Ward in a Stake puts on a 12 minute show based on a common theme. My mom was totally in charge of their ward's show and they focused on being Green. The whole show was an underwater theme about keeping the ocean clean, etc. There were fun parody songs, based on current songs. And the kids really hammed it up. The highlight of course was the amazing scenery and props: That's what happens when my dad and sister Camille - both artists - are in charge. It's nothing less of perfection. They are amazing. Somehow my Dad has been roped in to Roadshow scenery for years.....even when I was in the youth program.

Since I was there alone with both kids, we skipped out on the other performances and just waited till my Mom's ward went on. I knew Owen wouldn't last any longer than that (and I was right!). So we hung out in the prep room with everyone and Lucy was immediately swept up by some of the beehive girls (can you find her?):
She loved the attention:
And then she found the chalkboard.
Camille, Lucy, Owen, my dad, and Uncle Rich:
The group on stage:
Fun show. My mom did a great job on the script and songs (that's what happens when you put a writer in charge! She's amazingly creative also). And Lucy and Ava thought it was totally fun to watch. They kept yelling and pointing, "it's the show! the show!" We're glad we got to see it all come together:


Lettie said...

I had no idea Roadshows even still existed! Those paintings (drawings?) are fantastic!
No wonder you are so creative - it's totally in your gene pool!

Jean said...

WOW!!! What a show! It looks amazing!! Kudos to your folks and all their hard work. I love the Pixar characters! Yaaaaay!

lyndsey said...

wow, you weren't kidding -- that is a SERIOUS show. looks amazing! i can see where all your creative talent comes from :)

Sara said...

wow! That show looks like it turned out awesome! All the hard work paid off! I bet everyone is so glad it's over!

dietcokegrrl said...

The artwork on those sets is amazing! Looks like it turned out really well!

Nicole said...

What a great roadshow. We did them too when I lived in Cali, but I haven't seen one since then. I will say ours were not do detailed, I wish we had your sister & dad there for our scenery. You have such a talented family, looks like a great show.

Saunja said...

I can't wait to see this on video.