What we do on a rainy day

I've been meaning to post this for weeks but just haven't. This morning though I have time on my hands! It's 9:30am and both kids are still sleeping! (hooray for daylight savings? ) So here's our ode to the rain and what we do when this is coming down:
We play drums in the kitchen (even if Owen ends up with a vat of shortening):
Friends come over to drum with us (two Owens and a Lucy):
We go play at our friend's house and jump like crazy on their cool trampoline:
We blow bubbles in the house. And these are the BEST bubbles ever:
We paint our nails (which I haven't done in years. I loved it):
We play with Valentines balloons:
We make little pizzas:
We play on the mall toys:
We hang out at Kidspace (I love this pic of Owen because it really represents him. Default Owen expression):
Lucy hordes ALL the dinosaur toys:
and wins the battle:
And though I'm sure there's some Parenting law that says you can't take your kids to Disneyland one day and to Chuck E. Cheese the next....we did. Where else will you find us on a rainy day? Here, with Doris and her kids:
Most of the time, Lucy doesn't even know she needs a token to ride. She just likes to climb aboard and say hello to Bob:
Owen enjoys the non-token-filled toys too:
(pre-Buzzed hair):
And Doris and I enjoy the free drink-refills and my Disney Kettle Corn (which I had just told Casey the day before would prob last me for a week or two. Hmmm....I'll just blame it on Sammy, who was also helping me eat it. No way I downed the whole thing in 2 days....)
Though we really love the California sunshine, hooray for rainy days every once in a while.


Jean said...

What fun on a rainy day!! I'm stealing all these ideas. I actually went to Chuck E Cheese with Weston one time, and he loved just walking around and looking at everything and climbing on the toys. Yay for cheap fun. :-) And cuuuute pictures! Especially Owen's "default" face, haha.

megan said...

yeah, totally fun stuff!

but, I can get over the whole sleeping in till 9:30 thing...how sweet is that?!

lyndsey said...

yay for painting nails! my personal favorite activity. looks like fun rainy day activities!

also that sketch-ish pic of you guys (i'm guessing from chuck e cheese?) is cooool. you look really pretty.

Kim said...

i have a friend who always says, "Just wait until you have 2 Kim, then you won't do half of what you do now." You prove her wrong all of the time, and I hope I have your spirit!

Looks like good times were had by all! and i too love a rainy day every now and then.

the bates motel said...

sounds like some fun was to be had. i love rainy days! they make sunny ones all the better!

Saunja said...

I love rainy days! Cute post! I love Lucy's cute little nails. And fun sketch thing from Chuck E. Cheese.

dietcokegrrl said...

It's been nice to actually have some type of "weather" besides sunny and 70-ish. :)

Glad we could do the CEC thing...I still have more tokens for the next rainy day. YAY for self-serve soda!!

Kayli said...

Oh,I *LOVE* that bottom picture. It is the cutest thing since sliced bread!!! I love how your smile is always so genuine and big--you always look like such a happy cheery person!

It's so fun looking through this blog and seeing your cute-o kids wearing the things you sewed. Cute cute.