RECIPE: How to make your cake mix low-fat (and still taste great)

My mom taught me this trick years ago and I use it every time I'm make cake from a cake mix. If you've ever had my cupcakes and haven't been able to tell, then they've passed the test! My husband can't tell the difference and he's a big supporter of "Full Fat" recipes. So here it is. You can fool your husband too!

How to make a Cake Mix low-fat:
Take a normal cake mix and disregard the normal ingredients you're supposed to add (the oil, etc). Instead add the following to the cake mix:
* 1 3/4 cup water
* 2 Tbl flour
* 3 egg whites (I've also done 2 egg whites and 1 whole egg and found good results)

Mix all together and follow normal baking temperatures and cooking times on the box. Baking this way makes me feel okay about slathering all sorts of (full fat) frosting on top!


Jean said...

Cool!! I love it! I'm generally of the persuasion that if you can taste a difference, then stick to whole fat. But if you can't, then definitely substitute! So, I'm trying this. :-)

megan said...

thanks for the tips dana! I like to incorporate ideas like this in my everyday cooking...like the applesauce instead of oil thing. guess i'm a low fat girl.

and those strawberries look to die for right now!

dana said...

I know, I've GOT to try your applesauce in the Carrot Cake recipe.
And the strawberries were $1.50 for a decent size package at Food 4 Less. I couldn't resist. (that's my reward for shopping at such a crappy place :) )

the bates motel said...

i always make a cake like that. i don't think i will make it the other way again :)!

Kim said...

this couldn't have come at a better moment...just heading to the kitchen to whip up the hubbies b-day cake. what he doesn't know certainly won't kill him!!

B Brown said...

I'm totally trying this one. My dad's in town for his b-day & coming tonight along with my sis and kids. Let's see if they can even tell :)